Rule Britannia!

That’s an order from the People to Westminster. Get it sorted. No more unapproved interference from across the English Channel.

But no doubt Scotland will seek again to defect, N Ireland will once more have to deal with a foreign border.

As an expat my Pounds are worth about 7% less this morning – but that is a personal price worth paying for Britain achieving her people’s will.


Author: janus

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16 thoughts on “Rule Britannia!”

  1. Wee Nippy will talk and talk but she lacks the authority. Quietly, many in the SNP have acknowledged that in or out, there isn’t likely to be another vote because it’s unlikely to win. Northern Ireland’s border is open due to a separate arrangement so it’s unlikely to be closed again, although there might be more paperwork in the following years.

  2. While no lover of the ScotNats – there being some deeply unpleasant folk among that still influential contingent, the priority for whoever succeeds the two slime balls in No.10 and 11 must surely be to keep Scotland on board and keep the UK intact. The first thing is to recognize that the UK owes Scotland – it being North Sea oil revenue that kept England solvent during the difficult years of reforming the economy, controlling the unions, dumping Leyland etc etc. The failure of No.11 to get a grip on the deficit and the still ballooning national debt means we need to have no distractions, read economic destabilization, from a ScotNats still seeking a second referendum.

    Solution: while needing to batten down the hatches, replace the EU regional fund with a beefed up UK equivalent, one that recognizes that Scotland AND other outlying regions (the North East especially) are special cases that shoulfd receive a higher per capita level of State aid than the national average

    Rule Britannia!.

    PS Can anyone recommend a good English “champagne”?

  3. Thanks 4EEG. I was a tiny bit sceptical about the “brioche” flavour in the description on your link, probably a hangover from a 43 year affliction of euroscepticism. But I quickly found this alternative link to the same “English sparkling wine”, aka shampagne, in which that seemingly irrelevant French term is replaced by no-nonsense “caramel”.

    Thanks. I’ll be on the lookout for it. For now, it looks like a trip to the local Waitrose is in order, assuming there’s still any champers of any description left on the shelves.

  4. Well, Christopher, the SNP are already gearing up to defect before the 2 year period for the UK’s escape expires. Maybe revitalised Tories can fight that off; and who knows if the EU wants a ‘free’ Scotland in its ranks? Our friend Alex Salmond must surely join the discussion soon.

  5. Janus: the SNP always talk, but they don’t have the authority to hold a vote on that matter. Only Westminster can authorise that. With the amount of stupidity set to come out of Brussels, I doubt that many would actually want to pursue that course.

  6. Well if they can’t get them to defect by themselves what about another Highland clearance? I gather Newfoundland is rather empty these days. As Canada has relocated Syrian immigrants there to help fill it up perhaps they could have some more Scottish SNP dissidents to go with them? Ought to feel right at home.

  7. FEEG, I found a choice of four English champagnes in our nearest Waitrose, but not the one you recommended. So we had a Ridgeview Bloomsbury 2013 from the South Downs, which was delicious.

    Of course Sturgeon doesn’t want another independence referendum. She can’t afford one until oil prices peak again and then she’ll find herself paying billions to the EU if Scotland is accepted. I notice that Salmond has been in with his spurtle stirring for all he’s worth. Has anyone opened a book on the next exit? Frexit, Nexit, Dexit, Czechexit and so on?

  8. The smart money seems to be on Czechexit. Seems unlikely in Scandinavia. But maybe things will hot up after Brexit. Grexit first? The neo-nazi tendencies in France and Benelux are just sabre-rattling.

  9. I’ve read a lot of comments from Scots who seem to be as appalled as our very own JM at the prospect of another referendum. I just wish the press wouldn’t give her space. It may be that 62% of Scots voted to Remain, but let’s not forget the 38% that wanted to leave.

    Leaving the EU does not necessarily equate with wanting to leave the UK – and someone should point that out to Ms Sturgeon. Besides which would the EU accept them? Possibly, but it would take a time and, I believe that they would have to change to the Euro.

    I note that there is now a petition demanding another referendum – Heaven defend us against Bad Losers.

  10. Sturgeon also needs to remember that she no longer has an absolute majority in the Scottish parliament. Her demands to meet with various EU officials just show that she has ideas above her station and not much contact with reality. Spain would apparently not be happy to back Scotland’s application for membership of the EU in case it gave Catalonia ideas, which I think Catalonia already has of course. And if Scotland did vote for independence and then applied for EU membership, what currency would it use in the meantime?

  11. Boadicea: Yes, they would have to accept the euro and Schengen as the EU will no longer give opt-outs. Thus, an “independent” Scotland would be geographically isolated as its southern border would have to be closed. The chances are that they would have to, like Bosnia, have a theoretic currency that doesn’t actually circulate. They’d either have to use sterling, without any influence or easy distribution, or unilaterally introduce the euro with no seat at the ECB. Scotland, as a wealthier state, would find that instead of receiving a block grant from Westminster it would receive big bills from Brussels at the same time that it struggled to meet the soon-to-be mandatory spending limits. That is, if Italy — Veneto wants to leave — or Spain with its Catalonia problem will let them.

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