Rich pickings

This is about Airmiles Andy, who at best has generous friends who bankroll his and his daughters’ jetset lifestyles. At worst, he is living on the proceeds of shady deals with very colourful outlaws. Allegedly of course.

His mother, his siblings and his nephews work hard to maintain the unrivalled reputation of the British monarchy, while he and the Duchess seem determined to ruin it by hawking their wares around the back streets of international society.

So, all you monarchists! Time to put up or shut up! Who is going to clean up this mess? The Palace? The gubmint? Your move.

Author: janus

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13 thoughts on “Rich pickings”

  1. Don’t see why monarchists should “put up or shut up”, whatever that bit of jargon means. The man’s an embarrassment to his family, just like the Prince Regent was. Et alors, as the French would say.

  2. Sheona, my little jibe might encourage the monarchists to count the cost of the rogue prince, in terms of credibility. If the monarchy is not actively policed by its devotees, it will eventually lose out to the cynics.

  3. Janus: compared to what? France where the president has 13pc support? The US where most people openly and actively despise both candidates? Ireland where most wonder why they even have a president? Germany where the president is nothing but a political sock puppet that people have no right to chose or even directly influence? There are bad monarchs on occasion as there are bad princes/princesses/etc. Bad politicians are almost a guarantee.

  4. A joke about Canadian republicanism is that whenever Canadian republicans think they are making progress, the Americans have yet another political crisis and their goals are crushed.

  5. Andy should have married Koo Stark when he had the chance. It is widely regarded that palace flunkies put paid to that relationship as they did earlier for Princess Margaret’s budding romance with Peter Townsend, thus condemning both those Royals to unhappy marriages thereafter.


  6. Beatle Paul did the same after Linda. Could I mention that Andy nearly scored again with a sewage deal?!

  7. I suspect the only one with the balls is Prince Charles. No love lost there obviously. He wants to shed the outer royal coterie of hangers on such as Andy and his ghastly daughters. Princess Anne did the right thing and went voluntarily with much better results in her kids who are rather well liked. Unfortunately charles is the least liked of the royal children and he does not seem to be able to influence whilst HRM is still alive, its going to have to wait until she has gone for some pretty radical changes which I suggest may well come hard and fast and about time too!

  8. All families have ’embarrassments’ – and Andy is one such,

    Problem is, of course, that most family embarrassments are not in the public eye. Andy is. And, like most spoilt brats, he has not been made sufficiently aware that his privileged position should not be abused. Or, maybe, he’s too thick to appreciate that – just because he is E II’s son does not guarantee that he has to have top IQ.

    We monarchists have no power to deal with him. But, it is certainly time for his parents and siblings to pull him into line.

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