Crowd appeal

They are easy to spot – but if you are in any doubt, here are a few naturals:

Boris, not Dave; Donald, not Hillary; Jose Mourinho, not Louis van Gaal; and long ago, JFK, not LBJ.

And if you still need proof, the Leith Lads showed their approval yesterday! And their opponents’ arch rivals will discover that their new manager, Brendan, doesn’t have it.

Author: janus

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5 thoughts on “Crowd appeal”

  1. Some people are simply better at attracting attention to themselves. It helps if they’re better looking and more glamorous. JFK was unable to do much on his own, for example. The only reason he could achieve anything in regards to civil rights, his “great” legacy, is because LBJ was so nasty, cold-blooded and well-informed about his opponents that he could do the work behind the scenes.

  2. But as evry fule know, demagogues live and die by the sword. Remember you heard it first here: Trump, Mourinho, Boris – their days are numbered.

  3. I always thought JFK was an absolute slime ball, the only thing that saved him was he was assassinated before he hit impeachment!
    I hope no-one shoots the Donald at least he is amusing. His speech to the NRA had me in fits of laughter, funniest stand up I’ve heard in a long while. I just want to see him ban ragheads and ‘build the wall’. What a comedy act!
    Can you imagine the carry on at the airports? How do you guess a raghead if they are not ‘in costume’? What about the white converts? How brown do you have to be?
    Do you have to be able to recite Christian prayers from memory?

    One could invent some absolutely splendid tests for on the spot interrogation.

    Go on, recite the Nicene creed, You can’t? Your out!

    I believe………….

    And I bet most of you can’t from memory!
    (I can, so I’m all right!)

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