Male members only

peter alliss


Peter Alliss may have a point! The wives of Muirfield golfers are extended privileges denied to other women – so that’s the obvious route for wannabe female members to follow! There are of course all-women clubs which men cannot join either and even marriage to a WI person will not get fellas access to its mysteries.

So is the fuss justified? Why do the Open authorities disapprove – I mean really? The said females can’t play in the Open either, can they, even if they beat all the men? (That’s different, I hear somebody say.)

Not being a golfer, Backside doesn’t understand but he’s sure some cherished 19th holers will help.

Author: janus

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4 thoughts on “Male members only”

  1. Political correctness gone mad again – but then that’s Edinburgh! I don’t think Alex Salmond can be blamed for this particular bit of stupidity. I’ve been worrying in case Christopher blames him for the two SNP MPs who seem to have been spending our cash on their affair with the same journalist. There I think Salmond is guiltless.

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