Queer stuff

Call me queer but I’m sure society has lost its marbles.

The Nat Union of Students, always slightly bent, is demanding college accommodation should segregate LBTGwo’evah from er….others, presumably referring to what I call normal folk. (Go on, sue me.)

Why not segregate by colour, religion, football affiliation, hair colour, height, weight, dietary choice – oh and of course country of origin? Not to mention any other passing fad.

And bugger the education.

Author: janus

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7 thoughts on “Queer stuff”

  1. Yesterday whilst driving into Oxford I turned on the radio just in time to hear the ‘Desert Island Disks’ theme tune. ‘Oh good’ I thought Desert Island Disks being one of the few BBC programs that I quite like. The guest was introduced as the head of Lloyd’s of London, the first female to reach this position. The presenter then went on to say that the lady in question had made the brave decision to ‘come out’ as being lesbian.
    CLICK…!!!!……..silence, but for road noise. I have no desire to hear about somebody’s dysfunctional sex life.

  2. I’m sure LBGT is a fashionable fad, people used to be male female and the odd closet job, there seems so many of them these days.
    Bet it wouldn’t be if the result was ten years hard labour or a bullet under the Caliphate of Brittania!

    I’m waiting for a group of women to beat to a pulp some guy dressed up as a woman in their ‘bogs’.
    Would be highly amusing.

  3. There was an article in yesterday’s Sunday Times about those who are asexual. Fine by me, just don’t make a big thing of it. I have no objection to people being LBGT or whatever, providing they shut up about it. I don’t care which public toilet they use since they all have cubicles. It’s all the publicity and the eternal whining about ill treatment or lack of understanding. I don’t want to understand your choice of sexuality, sunshine, but if you keep pushing it in my face, I could resort to ill treatment.

  4. Has anybody here felt the need to proclaim their ‘normalness’? No. So I demand the abnormals drop it too.

  5. In other news new graduates at East Anglia Uni are forbidden to throw their mortarboards in the air at the ceremony. ‘Elf ‘n Softy again. Poor, gender-segregated diddums….

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