Far too young to go

Sad to read of the departure of Victoria Wood.

A brilliantly talented woman, with faint echoes of Joyce Grenfell and a dash of Pam Ayres creeping in there somewhere.

RIP ducks – the world will miss you.

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

5 thoughts on “Far too young to go”

  1. Seconded, Bearsy.

    Mrs M and I first saw her at the Embra Festival Fringe when she shared a venue with Jasper Carrott. This was in the days when we ‘did; the Fringe properly and bought tickets, sight unseen and unheard, and more in hope than expectation. This must have been in 1972 or thereby, well before her ‘New Faces’ fame.

    Best decision ever, Fringe-wise. He was brilliant and she was coruscatingly superb. Her finale was the nascent version of ‘Barry and Freda’. Only about four verses long then but it did have the hostess trolley and the ‘Woman’s Weekly’ and it brought the house down.

  2. Now it appears that one known as Prince has just died. This is really a bad year for celebrities.

  3. I shall remember for a very short time indeed The Artist Formerly Known As Alive for trying all his career to out-weird Wacko Jacko. The level of grief whoring on t’Interweb is positively indecent and brings out the very worst in those able to type up to 140 words of shallow bolleaux with their foreheads. The press and broadcast media are not much better.

    Getting back on topic if we may, Victoria Wood coined the wonderful phrase, “hanging around like an undescended testicle”, which springs to mind for some reason this morning. She always wrote better, more apt and funnier lines than most.


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