What else, Mr President?

Silver tongued Obama waxes lyrical about his country’s reationship with the UK. The usual suspects are wheeled out – I won’t remind you – to instruct us to Remain.

Don’t be fooled. Obama has two goals: to lead the global debate and just as significantly, to be seen to favour the EU as an institution. He can never support its breakup and the overt fragmentation of foreign policy. He does not respect the sovereignty of individual states, except his own! He wants a world map to show a single block of colour between the Atlantic and Russia. Simplistic? Yes, that’s US politics.

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7 thoughts on “What else, Mr President?”

  1. Obama may have two goals as you say, but being seen to favour the EU is an own goal, demonstrating as it does American self interest at its very worst and is bound to raise hackles by perceived (actual, in my personal view) interference in the UK’s sovereign policy.

    The ‘special relationship’ is becoming increasingly devalued anyway, so Barack might as well go to Paris to give his speech as far as I care. He would probably feel more at home in a country that puts self interest as high on the agenda as Muricans do and I look forward mightily to the clash of national egos and the ensuing flying blood, fur and tears. They deserve each other.


  2. The Independent’s cartoon sums up Obama’s visit perfectly I think.


    Was it not Kissinger who asked who he should call if he wanted to speak to “Europe”? Having simplified things for him for a while, it appears the EU now has five “presidents”. So who should the Yanks phone now?

    I would like to thank Obama for his contribution to the Brexit campaign and also convey my gratitude to Gordon Brown for his two penn’orth. I’m just sorry HM has to put up with Obama and his racist wife again.

  3. Boris has ruffled sove dovish feathers by referring to Obama as half-Kenyan. Fair game in my estimation, given his tendency to disavow Britain’s role in spreading civilisation.

  4. The cheek of the man. He has already shown his contempt of the UK by returning the bust of Churchill from the White House. HMQ should reclaim the Mercan Colonies for Britain and lock him up while he is at Windsor.

  5. The back of the queue? I beg your very! Do the Muricans really want to trade with lying continentals typified by their automakers? Er….probably. But by the time a few other disgruntled members have taken their lead from Brexit, there’ll be no stability there worth a light.

  6. ….and btw, where’s CO when you need her? Lost in West Wales? Poorly? I hope not. We miss her incisive views on partly Kenyans.

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