Reborn in the USA

The building designers of the future have their work cut out  if things carry on as they’re going. It’s all The Boss’ fault. Bruce Springsteen cancelled a concert in North Carolina over its “anti-gay” law.  The state law requires people to use public toilets that correspond to the sex listed on their birth certificates. Apple, PayPal and the Bank of America are amongst others criticising the law.

Supporters of the law said allowing transgender people to choose their restroom could lead to women and children being attacked. My proposal is that the only way to please everyone is by building more toilets. The current three outlets- men, women and disabled- are clearly not enough to cater for the modern world in all its legalised eccentricities. A separate toilet for the LGBT community should be introduced. Architects will be up all night figuring out the design for that one.

8 thoughts on “Reborn in the USA”

  1. Call me old fashioned but I have difficulty with the idea that the latest fads should be allowed to redesign the way we deal with toilets. People who own up to being male/female – go and use the designated facilities. The rest – use the disabled ones. Simples.

  2. Ahem! No matter what it says on your birth certificate, if you can sign your name in the snow you go to the Gents. If not, then it’s the Girlies’ stalls for you. If you are in a wheelchair (and only if), appropriate facilities should be provided. Even more simples.


  3. I agree, Royalist, build another lot of loos (although it might cause a few problems while they are being constructed) and call them “Confused”…

  4. Bruce is not the only one to cancel a concert, the latest being Ringo (who he?). It is also rumoured that Bonio will announce imminent plans for a gig in North Carolina just so he can cancel them amid much approving comment from liberal headbangers on MySpotiTwatFacedotcom. Really, some of these luvvies and s’lebs are so far up themselves they wouldn’t know which door to go through anyway.


  5. On another thread elsewhere, someone wrote “The Day the Music died”. Too true, what’s music got to do with it?

    I’ve got a ticket to see Bruce at Hampden in June. That is, of course, unless he takes the huff with us over something.

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