Y’gorra laff

Twice this weekend Backside has laughed out loud. And I’d like to share – as they say in LA.

Wayne Rooney was thinking of naming his race horse Norfolk Enchants.

A cheese review was entitled Grate Expectations.

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

8 thoughts on “Y’gorra laff”

  1. Nice county confections but the point is the way Norfolk Enchants is said in scouse! Try it out loud but not in polite company!😱

  2. In a move that will cheer JW, Rowntree MacKintosh is to produce a new peppermint-flavoured lollipop. Naturally, it will sport green and white stripes and will be branded ‘C*ltic Sucks’.

    Hat! Coat! Taxi!


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