Spring equinox quiz (not for sport haters)

The clues refer to the beginnings of current or recent Premiership managers/coaches’ names (first or second, e.g. ‘beer’ might tempt you to think Ale(x Ferguson), innit?

So here goes:

  1. Bottom
  2. Decent golf
  3. Everybody
  4. Hinder
  5. Hastened
  6. Danish boy conqueror
  7. Clippety
  8. French egg
  9. Per ardua ad astra
  10. Skin for no. 6
Now that didn’t hurt, did it? Answers please on Cadbury’s chocolate eggs asap!

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

41 thoughts on “Spring equinox quiz (not for sport haters)”

  1. Afternoon J, now this is what you call a blog!

    Blowing on my fingernails and polishing them on my Rangers top I know most of them but like Mr Mackie (who, no doubt, will know them all) I will answer one and let the others guess.

    1. Arsene Wenger.

  2. 3. Oh, that’s right, I said I’d answer just one. Desperately wanting to answer this one as the manager shares the same Christian name as my favourite actor.

  3. Being of a Scouse persuasion I could never forgive myself if I did not mention

    7. Jurgen ‘Clippety’ Klopp.

    nor indeed one of his predecessors,

    9. RAFa Benitez


  4. You’re the man, JM!

    All guesses correct so far so here’s a clue:

    No. 6 is the title of an award-winning film.

  5. Not 100% sure of these guys but I’ll try and pot a red and then a blue.

    4. Alan Curbishley (Charlton Athletic- ONE)
    8. Jose Mourinho (Chelsea- SIX)

  6. Your title mentions “sport haters”, Janus. But the thing is all about football which is only one sport. I’m sure this must count as something-ism.

  7. Curse you, JW! I lay awake half the night, staring at the ceiling and trying to get a French egg out of José Mourinho – not an image to be conjured with I can tell you. That and a six point blue ball did little for my repose. And now this morning that errant sixer blue ball less one for the red leaves four.

    Just for all that I’m having Sam Allardyce for No.3, so there!



  8. 10. Being on somewhat of a roll, we (the NSW who is pretty good at sports and a pretty good sport as well and I) think the answer is Brian McDermott, the former manager of Reading.


  9. 3. Sam Allardyce (ALL over, now Sunderland?)

    5. Claudio Ranieri. (Leicester City) RAN in the the news even over here, wins attributed to intervention by that “glorious son of York”.

  10. Greetings OZ, my wolf cousin,

    You say meringue, I say Mouringue. It must be a regional thing.

    As for the big break that wasn’t. I thought I potted a red but the ref didn’t cry foul so I continued. There was an easy green available but I refuse to acknowledge that colour so I went for the blue which is worth five points, so if you include the red the total break would have been six.(1 + 5 = 6) The century was curtailed when an offside flag went up and we went back to the original offense. A miss on the red. Thus, four points away. Hope you understand all that because I don’t.

    Back to the game. I’ll try another shot that could well go over the crossbar.

    4. Harry Redknapp.

  11. Oops! sorry about the last for 3 and 6, I read the questions again but not the coments.

    Re: Egging in French, allons, vite, none of them work.

  12. Janus – No. 8. The only bit of French left in the Premiership is Francesco Guidolin. If this is right (and I would have no idea why) I’m coming straight over to Scandinavia to rip your throat out for extreme obscurity.

    JW – Your logic on 1 plus 5 disallowed less the original 4 is worthy only of an appeal under the C@lt#c variation which even the referees of Mornington Crescent found beyond the pale. As for No. 4, it better hadn’t be Harry Redknapp ‘cos I’m not staying up all night again trying to reconcile it. Instead, I’m off to bed with a vote for Remy Garde, which is equally inexplicable, but possibly more likely.

    Nighty night all.


  13. The winning answers are:
    1. ARSEne Wenger, ARSEnal
    2. Alan PARdew, Crystal Palace
    3. Sam ALLardyce, Sunderland
    4. Roberto MARtinez, Everton
    5. Claudio RANieri, Leicester City
    6. Thingy PELLEgrini, Man City
    7. Juergen KLOPp, Liverpool
    8. Thingy POCHEttino, Spurs
    9. RAFael Benitez, Newcastle Utd
    10. Guus HUDdink, Chelsea

    E & E O!

  14. Very enjoyable, J, thanks.

    Made all the better by a few bad misses that could make it onto the next Sporting Bloopers DVD and funny comments by OZ.

  15. Bugrit (copyright TB, misquoting Sir TP).

    It appears that, sans Google. I had most of them, save for 6, 10 and the alleged answer to 4.

    I stand, heart and hand, with JW in re ‘Curb’ for ‘Hinder’. Still sounds far more right than ‘Mar’ to me. It must be a Jock thing

    Whether or not you believe me, I had decided that the French egg had to have been poached to fit any of the available options.

    I just,blame myself for never having heard of the film and for not knowing the Danish word for skin. A misspent youth strikes yet again.

    Thanks for the quiz, Janus, Most enjoyable.

  16. Lads, I feel a bit guilty about ‘mar’. A true synonym would have been ‘spoil’. But hey! This could be the start of something big. 😎

  17. I hope so, J. We need to give OZ more sleepless nights.

    And, JM, I thought you might have cracked the old Scottish doughnut/meringue joke. Some other time, perhaps.

  18. My work here is done. From the depths of a warm and quiet Cave, one ear set at permanent alert, one amber eye glowing in the dark, fur on hair-trigger ‘standby’ mode, zzzzzzz!


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