I was there

Well, akshully I was in a pub in Bootham, York, when our boys beat Germany 50 years ago. And believe it or not there was a telly, very small, b & w but a telly nevertheless. A group of maybe 20 enthusiasts huddled round it and cheered for England.

Tonite, they meet again. In colour. Without Kenneth Wolstenholme (sp?). Not really a friendly. See you there.

Spring equinox quiz (not for sport haters)

The clues refer to the beginnings of current or recent Premiership managers/coaches’ names (first or second, e.g. ‘beer’ might tempt you to think Ale(x Ferguson), innit?

So here goes:

  1. Bottom
  2. Decent golf
  3. Everybody
  4. Hinder
  5. Hastened
  6. Danish boy conqueror
  7. Clippety
  8. French egg
  9. Per ardua ad astra
  10. Skin for no. 6
Now that didn’t hurt, did it? Answers please on Cadbury’s chocolate eggs asap!