Oh, good grief!

What patronising bull dust from Google! It is enough to get me to dust down my old encyclopaedia Britannica.

7 thoughts on “Oh, good grief!”

  1. Why indeed not. Perhaps it’s because modern-day feminists are so rarely ladies?

    I don’t think I’d dare post that comment anywhere other than here!

  2. Bo, most of them are like hamsters these days, you have to turn them upside down and poke about in the fur to see what;s what!

    Anyway sipu, you think one day is bad? We have just had to suffer black history MONTH!!!!
    How many afro hair dos, black panthers, I had a dream’s, missionaries boiling in pots does one have to suffer?
    Been very big on DVDs this month!

  3. Boa – I would make that comment everywhere, even though some women might shoot me, but in this case I totally agree, with all these special rights, I think some time modern society is going bonkers…but that has nothing to do with Google.

  4. “…and dog will have his day”

    Well played, Ladies.

    My only worry is that there are not enough days in the year for everything to have a day. We need more days. Even a leap year isn’t enough. We’ll need to have a long jump year. A catapult year. A hyperspace year.

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