The blasted heath

Nice sunny day recently, despite the fact that the temperature was hovering around 4 degrees C, Abby decided to go for a dip.





This is our usual walk and about 5 minutes from the house. This winter it’s been windy and endless rain but we have had the occasional sunny, calm day.

It’s heathland and forest with wide views and flowering gorse, heather, deer, occasional joggers and horses.

So far the Perfect Puppy has been delightful to walk. She dashes about at full speed but waits for us, doesn’t roam too far and comes back when she is called.




This is what she looks like at the end of a walk!


20160117_095015 (2)

10 thoughts on “The blasted heath”

  1. Thank you, Janus. It’s not exactly the New Forest but very similar heathland. Dorset has quite extensive areas like this. The hills are the Purbeck hills. They never really look very wintery except very early when it’s frosty. I’ll take some photos in the Spring and Summer and you can see the difference.

  2. Thank you, Christopher. It’s hard to believe how tiny she was at 8 weeks and now she’s six months old she is huge by comparison, although most of it is fur! She can now reach the work surfaces in the kitchen and the table.

  3. One thing about heathland, tends to drain quickly. Try round here, the daily walk is a paddy field or under water.

  4. Yes, Tina.

    You are right and the soil is sandy so it doesn’t cling to her coat. She looks muddy but she dries quite quickly and most of it disappears onto the mats and the kitchen floor!

    Most of the areas of water dry up amazingly quickly, even after heavy rain.

  5. Hi Araminta.

    Cracking photos. My eyes are a bit older but they still keep seeing things. In photo #4 Is that a lost sea lion with beady eyes having a peek out of the bushes on the right hand side of the picture?

  6. HI JW.

    You and Abby are both very good at spotting these spooky things on the heath. She occasionally stands still fur raised and if she were able to talk she would undoubtedly have warned us about the sea lion waiting to ambush us. 🙂

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