I though , for once, the article below was a coherent and rather honest article on this subject.  Some of you may care to read it.


I do not think that the media is being honest about microcephaly. Although some pin heads as they were called until recent PC times functioned in a reasonable normal way, most do not even have motor skills. They are unable to have any muscle control and roll about on the floor making inarticulate grunts until they die, hopefully for most poor parents, as quickly as possible.  A seriously grim malformation which has hideous economic consequences for the parents and the State.

Quite unbelievable the Catholic church is unwilling to give dispensations in the poorest countries of S America to carry out abortions.  One anticipates infanticide on a gross scale and who could blame them?

Equally I cannot imagine any one being daft enough to go to Rio for those idiot games this summer, the consequences too ghastly to contemplate.  We have a relative who was down there this winter and is now pregnant, needless to say we are very concerned and asked her to get early scans.

All bears out my opprobrium to holidays!  Always knew they were bad for you wandering round wog ridden rat holes and bringing home disgusting diseases.  Stay home and get nice normal TB from the weather, just as our ancestors did!

Sorry couldn’t resist that, its raining again!!  And the bloody greenhouse is too small to plant much more.  Tomorrow we are going to the Seattle flower show and I will write you an excoriating critique of their shortcomings and general vulgarity!  Be nice to have a new subject about which to bitch and moan besides the usual!



Author: christinaosborne

Landed on one side safely.

13 thoughts on “Zika”

  1. For those of you who bother to read this article..There is another article in the paper about adulteration of parmesan cheese. Those little drums of grated stuff that taste like nothing at all. I refuse to buy them on the grounds of tastelessness. Now they find they are full of wood filler, just knew it!
    As good as the horse meat story!

  2. yes Christina everything has deteriorated so much these days, not a good prospect for us younger ones to get a nice life is there? All these bad cheeses, illnesses, horrible people everywhere and doctors permanently get it wrong. Is it better the human race disappears? What do you suggest? Yes we might finally believe in singularity and we are not needed any more.

  3. I think the frightening aspect of Zika is that no one seems to know much about it. It’s all speculation so far and it’s too new.

    No, I wouldn’t want to travel to any area where this sort of disease was rife and I’m far too old to worry about the pregnancy aspect.

    Re Parmesan – I’ve always avoided those dreadful little drums like the plague. Doesn’t surprise me at all that they contained all sorts of rubbish.

  4. FoE I think we need a hell of a clear out and get back to basics somewhat. If life was a little harder there would be far less time for mischief at every level. I suspect nature agrees and will do her best to level the playing field in due course. Whether it is immolation by war, disease or climate/geology is actually irrelevant in the long view and really will not matter.
    Think dinosaurs, the fact that they were wiped out was the salient feature for mammalian development, not how they were wiped out.

  5. There are only two kinds of cheese, Stilton and Cheddar.

    Re. Zika virus. There is only one solution, apart from dealing with the mosquitos, and that is to euthanase or abort the victims. Lacking the courage to do this is the true danger rather than the virus itself.

  6. Christina, on this I completely agree with you, you sound very wise. Why are you often so angry with the world and ourselves as the human race? Everybody ONLY tries to survive the best they can and yes unfortunately take, even if it comes at cost of others.I very much appreciate my life and try to live ‘selective altruism’ by filtering out anybody and anything that is not helpful. I know it sounds idealistic and is easy to say and harder to do. I guess this is why we are here together?? In any case, I appreciate that you don’t take comments too personal.

    PS Parmesan tastes wonderfully, I would find it difficult to live without it. I suppose there are many different makes and qualities on the market.

  7. FoE “… ‘selective altruism’..”

    I like it, it’s a bit like Robin Cook’s Ethical Foreign Policy.

  8. One of my mates’ mother is from Rio de Janeiro. Wonderful lady and her Portuguese is simply exquisite. She freely admits to her city of birth being an absolute dive to be avoided without a phalanx of armed guards. Despite having lived in the tropics I generally try to avoid such climatic zones. The tundra of Scandinavia and the dreich climes of the British Isles, while insalubrious for a beach holiday, are also far better for the health.

  9. Christopher, “….Orkney Cheddar….” A bit of a contradiction in terms but Cheddar is made all over Scotland I recall getting Islay ‘Cheddar’ when I worked in that part of the world. I always make sure that the stuff I buy is at least English.

    Years ago I went to a posh (very) restaurant in London for lunch with Lloyd’s under writers and the cheese board had no Stilton !!!!??. I expect the bollocking meted out to the unfortunate Maitre D is still ringing in his ears.

  10. I have no faith in those who claim that we must all be taxed to high heaven to avoid Anthropomorphic Climate Change. I simply do not believe that we humans have anything to do with climate change and that we cannot do a thing about it.*

    Climate Change is part of the cycle of Planet Earth’s History – ask any Earth Historian.

    In the 1960s we were told we were in for a “Mini Ice Age”, and I noticed a report only last week that said that the Sun’s activity seemed to predict “Another Cooling of Planet Earth”. So which is to be?

    Nonetheless, it seems likely that Climate Change is a reality – and, therefore, I think we should be spending money dealing with the probable effects – like the spread of those pesky mozzies – of higher temperatures rather than on the futile effort to combat what is a natural phenomena of Planet Earth.

    * P.S. I have no problem with spending money to tidy up Planet Earth to make life more tolerable for the many species that are needed to maintain Life on Earth . But, I do think, like Christina, that we, humans, have to include ourselves in the equation and stop encouraging people to breed all other life-forms out of existence.

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