Pragmatic Modern Politics

The Chariot seems recently to have become obsessed with the politics of failure.   The UK, the EUSSR, the slimmed-down USSR and the USA (which should be discreetly sectioned for its own safety) are all failing or already failed, yet they are an almost inevitable topic of debate on these pages.   Thanks for some cuddly canine relief, Araminta.

Now I realise that many of you have been blinkered by your local media, but please broaden your horizons a smidgen.   The only region of the globe that is currently a rapidly growing economic powerhouse is the Asia-Pacific.   China may be taking a slight breather right now, but it’s a big bugger and getting bigger and better all the time.   Have you looked at India recently?   Getting ready to overtake China in most KPIs India is – goodness gracious me!

Indonesia has begun to drag itself up by its bootstraps, and as a result is on the verge of joining the big-boy’s club.   Many smaller nations in the region are also doing their best to achieve economic take-off while they watch, possibly with a sprinkling of schadenfreude, the old failures in the West bickering about nothing and doing less.

Where stands Australia in all this?

Very comfortably, thank you.  We survived the GFC better than any other nation, we have a wealth of goods and services for sale (at sensible prices) and we’ve lately developed the knack of being the guy who sets up and brings to fruition several very large, very popular trade agreements.

We don’t try to bully other nations – we can’t, they’re bigger than us – we’ve stopped lecturing them about how they should become more Western and are making it clear that we now see ourselves as Asian-Pacific folks.

We have a foreign minister with the ability to take the UN by the scruff of the neck and make it do things in days rather than years.   And she does it with a smile that has even elected dictators wriggling with delight.   Julie Bishop, for the temporarily bewildered.   I shan’t post a piccie lest you guys have instant conniptions.

OK, Austrayia has its problems, we’re not perfect.   But we’re not far off, and we look forwards, not back.   Have a squiz at some Aussie media and see for yourselves.

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

11 thoughts on “Pragmatic Modern Politics”

  1. I should add that Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong continue to do well. All have good relations with Australia. Australia recently concluded a free-trade agreement with Japan which will benefit its agricultural exports tremendously. Bugger China, the lot are as wretched as they can get.

  2. FoE I don’t know why you’re congratulating Bearsy for Australia’s good fortune (which has more to do with huge mineral deposits than anything else) because with the greatest respect to him, he had nothing to do with it and is in fact a Pom something which he’d probably rather forget.

  3. Australia does have massive mineral deposits which has been a mixed blessing, as it has been in Canada and Norway. At the same time, Australia isn’t merely a commodities exporter. It has a respected common law legal system, excellent universities and an educated population that is growing at a healthy rate.

  4. Quite right, Bearsy, and precisely why the UK should leave the sclerotic and shrinking EU and start trading with the rest of the world again, without EU restraint!

  5. G’day All, thanks for all the ‘likes’ and comments.

    Jazz mate, this post is not about me, it’s about my country and its success in the contemporary world. But did you know that somewhere around 25% or more of our 24 million citizens were not born here? We are a genuinely multi-ethnic state. I’ve been a citizen for over 20 years. I worked here for many years before I retired and I’m a conscientious voter (it’s mandatory here, in case you’ve forgotten). 🙂

  6. I was rather under the impression that Australia was having a bad time in the mining sector at the moment, well reduced exports and very low prices. Plus laying off thousands of employees.
    Similar to Alberta, which can no longer pay its bills.
    Beware hubris!

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