Stationery to Stationery

According to a recent poll, stationery is the 41st thing that Britons love the most. In my book, I’d place it considerably higher. There really is not many better feelings than the smell of punched paper (or is that paper punched?) first thing in the morning.

What’s not to like about stationery? Pencils with tiny rubbers, shatterproof rulers and a compass to arc and map the page; just like being on a boat only without the waves or the sea legs.

Another reason for the love affair with merchandise office supplies is that much the same as office affairs, eventually it will reach the terminus. Stationery is mortal and for that we have the utmost sympathy and empathy.

The little sharpener loses its edge and can only cut random slices out of the pencil.

The rubber will erase itself and turn into disappearing ink.

Old files are given the medieval treatment at the teeth of the shredder

The Tipp-Ex bottle runs out of fluid and more urban correction methods are used.

Modernists write their missives on machines leaving foolscap and his papermates to fade away.

13 thoughts on “Stationery to Stationery”

  1. TR, welcome back. Did you know that it was the mother of Mike Nesmith, the erstwhile Monkee, who invented Tipp-Ex?

    Should that be ‘urbane’?

  2. A4, J-Man.

    Sipu, a pleasure, as always. No I did not know that. I’ll divulge that nugget next time I’m down the pub.

    It might be urbane but I don’t know, I’ve scored that part off.

  3. Good to see you, JW!

    ” Modernists write their missives on machines leaving foolscap and his papermates to fade away.”

    Papermates? Should not that be quills? 🙂

  4. I’ve got masses of stationary. All kinds of paper, card, erasers, staplers, rulers, four fountain pens, clutch pencils, etc etc etc. And the pride of my collection a proportional divider. Do I need all this stuff ? Definitely not, but I can’t bear to part with any of it and fret if anything goes missing.

  5. TR! You exist! You exist! You really exist! I had started dreading your falling of the earth.
    As a militant young fogey I always have at least some stationary on hand. A fountain pen or three, a gel pen or four, etc. It might be somewhat archaic but people generally are chuffed to receive an actual letter or card.

  6. As evry fule kno (paraphrased), with an ‘e’ it means envelopes ‘n stuff, with a ‘a’ it won’t move.
    Must try harder. ✉️📎✏️🎓

  7. 120gsm cream laid with matching lined envelopes lay in the drawer below me as I type.
    As it has for the last 40 years. Black Ink.

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