19 thoughts on “You put your left foot out”

  1. “A little more this way…yes…yes… Oh, I say, you’re really not wearing any undergarments, are you? Ding dong!” © Leslie Phillips.


  2. well done Nicola, I would not look Cameron in his eyes these days either, as you would not find any truth from him in these hard days for Britain. I feel sorry for you folks, but then again self-made, as I believe in the saying that every nation gets in the end what they haven chosen. Unfortunately things become only more obvious in hindside….fingers crossed you make the right move (for Britain) in the referendum…..

  3. ah very interesting, yes this love for control is a very interesting topic because getting it wrong makes a big impact on people’s lifes. The recent discussion on fat control brought even Jamie Oliver back into the lime light.

  4. I bet Wee Eck is quite happy to be in Westminster just now where he can pretend not to hear the questions about how all his plans for Scotland would face up to the oil price crash.

  5. Good to see Nippy so cheery, given that’s she’s usually torn-faced except when she’s taking one of her countless selfies with her cult members.

    Here’s a picture of her enjoying the Calcutta Cup last Saturday – the only good bit of the game for me.

  6. FoE: Cameron is nauseating, but Angular Honecker is the most damaging German politician in over 70 years. She has caused countless misery with her incompetence and waffling. Adenauer was a great man, Brandt was Brandt,Schmidt was a great statesman who is only now being treated with the respect he deserves, Kohl was a nightmare but at least one could defend his intentions.Schri-schra-schrödi acknowledged the inherent flaws to Germany’s social system and set out to attempt to reform them. Merkel? What has she accomplished? Inflicting unnecessary misery?

    Ugh. Scameron and Sturgeon can well scamper back underneath the biggest rock. I blame Alex Salmond.

  7. Christopher, this is a picture of two english politicians and as Janus explains about the fat control in Britain, why do you try and give a rewsponse/comparison about the different personalities in german politics? I find the comparison between Sturgeon and Honecker rather pathetic to be honest.

  8. FoE, you may have misunderstood my reference to the Fat Controller. No, not young Jamie. But old Alex Salmond the SNP leader in Westminster. And by the way Ms Sturgeon is decidedly not English. 😕

  9. Hello frauohneeig. Nice to see you here and a Good New Year to you before I move on.

    For the avoidance of doubt, one of the politicians is not English at all at all and she would be mortally offended if you called her that. The other one is British with a Scots father and an English mother. The Fat Controller to whom Janus is referring is a sleekit, lying, egotistical waste of space who aspired to be Father and Great Leader of an Independent Scotland and who blew it big time.

    Christopher and I both tend to blame him for everything. We are quite right, in my opinion.

  10. FoE: ah, in true German fashion you miss the joke. I will take the time to explain it to you. I despise Merkel, especially her indirect insinuation that anyone who doesn’t support her gimmegrant (Copyright Oz) policies is somehow racist/xenophobic/anti-something or another. This sort of insinuation was a popular way of stifling dissent in countries under communist rule. Thus, I nickname Angela Merkel Angular Honecker. Now do you understand? And please, I’ve gone over the differences of “English”, “Scottish”, “Welsh” and “Northern Irish” with you already.

  11. The Fat Controller, FoE, was a character in some children’s books about anthropomorphised railway engines. Mr Salmond is the same shape and similarly authoritarian. 👮

  12. OK to all of you, I admit I was missing the point about the Fat Controller completely and yes of course regarding Scottish independence, this what Salmond did was a joke.
    Christopher, if Merkel stands in such a bad light with you, it is more of an opinion or feeling and I still reserve judgement on that, but certainly a dictatorship coming from the left is certainly no better than from the right. But here for me is already the first point, where I have doubts: Mrs.Merkel is running a conservative , christian party and has despised the political regime of the DDR under which she has grown up. She lived in a very empathetic household and was gladly taking on welfare jobs as a teenager, this shapes a person’s personality deeply.Therefore I cannot quite go along with your synthethis of her, because only a schizophrenic personality could govern in contradiction to its own inner beliefs. And this with all the control she faces from her party members would not work out, I think. But thanks anyway for hinting at my mistake regarding english politics.

  13. FoE: politics is highly schizophrenic. Many enter politics with high hopes and the desire to “change the system” but quickly learn that you don’t change the system, the system changes you. Those who do not compromise their beliefs and their principles will be ruined if they stand in defiance of public opinion and political machinations for too long. There is an old saying. “Politics is like sausage. Even if you like the product,you don’t want to look too closely into how it’s made”.

    There are no English politics, by the way. That last English parliament merged with the former Scottish parliament in 1707 to form the British parliament. English and British are no more interchangeable than German and Bavarian.

  14. What do the Bavarians think ?
    I ask because year or so ago I had a telephone conversation with a German customer service lady. She was unusually helpful and efficient. and I asked her what part of Germany she was from. Her reply was. “Actually I am Bavarian”. I said “isn’t that the same as being German”? She said “no”, “we are much nicer”.

  15. Jazz: from 1871 until the end of the Second World War German political subdivisions more often than not reflected historical borders with some changes, especially after the First World War. After the war, Germany was buggered up and most of its traditional borders were erased. Bavaria, along with Hamburg and Bremen were largely left intact. Bavarians have long had a strong sense of separate identity and have a highly distinct culture. Whether in North-Rhine Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse or Baden-Wuerttemberg you still know you’re in Germany. Once you cross into the Kingdom of Bavaria, you might as well be in a different country. Yes, Bavarians are by far the nicest in Germany as well as the most honest.

  16. FoE: Two politicians, one definitely not English and the other one acts as if he was not!

  17. All, just to clarify, I never said in y comments -reading through them again- that Nicola Sturgeon is English, i never used the word, I only used Britain in all what I wrote.
    EEEG: I understand your frustration about these damned Scotish, must be hard for somebody truely british.
    Jazz: I have grown up in Bavaria and spent a lot of time there. My sister is a bavarian journalist, if there is one as such. Through her I understood a bit about this schizophrenic behaviour of politicians in principle and especially in Bavaria. In effect, they think they are better than the rest of Germany, because they had their own king, who died in the Stanberger See and had more in common with the Donaumonarchie and France as with the rest of Germany (he did not condone to the preussian authoritarian system, as he rather liked architecture and art), which was Preussen in these days. Today a lot of the political filth and scandals comes from there nevertheless, as they are mostly very proud nationalists and even myself coming from the north of Bavaria (Franken) did nvere really integrate in a bavarian community in Munich. Thanks god there are a lot of people who are not born and bread in Bavaria. My husband, who is English as you know, certainly enjoyed Berlin much more than Munich, even though he was in a higher position in Munich (jobwise). I am happy to hear you dealt with a friendly woman, this is never to be excluded, I am still meeting friendly people there no problem, but their humour and way they look at people is really odd. If you want to know more, I recommend a song from Gerd Polt, where he has fun about people playing tennis in “Wimbladon”……Enough, you want to know more, next time.
    Christopher: You might be right about bavarian honesty, just thinking about Mr.Strauss, he was very boisterous and loud and very often drunk, highly intelligent, but yes perhaps he was honest.

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