Dave’s day

Pigs and flies take on a whole nuther dimension. But hey! Who hasn’t been embarrassed by reminders of student indiscretions? I know Backside has.

And luckily for Dave, Rebekkah is back in town, ready I’m sure to rejoin his Cotswold country supper set. Lol. So look out for more local goss, old chap.

Meanwhile the arch chav, Jerry, can’t help little Nicola with her CND revival, but ironically gives the Scottish labourites some ammo to fight her with. (Sorry about the preposition at the end there, Boris.)

And over in NY NY Dave’s leading the Syrian Peace Corps, with the help allegedly of our new mates, Iran, and Putin, suddenly everyone’s best friend.

More pigs and flies, Dave? Probably.

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

4 thoughts on “Dave’s day”

  1. Janus, it seems to me that things are finally moving, by a small amount at least, in a more positive direction.
    First priority is to kill off ISIS.

  2. Al Assad, the supreme leader, and Putin has to be the dream team for peace, sure it’s not the new UN Committee on Human Rights?

    Re: Dave, Not so much a pig in a poke more a poke in a pig.

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