A wild bunch

Some of the promised weekend visitors strutted their stuff among the sunseekers by the seaside on Saturday, revving in unison and exerting their peer pressure on anyone caring to watch.

Anyway, here’s a memento of our little holiday sojourn.

marielyst flowers Aug 2015

courtesy Mrs J, who collected them from the sand dunes and adorned our breakfast table.

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

7 thoughts on “A wild bunch”

  1. ps

    You’ve given me the idea of collecting some flowers from Watlington Hill. My Mrs J can arrange them and I’ll post the results here.
    That would be a good photo comp ……the best wild flower arrangement ?

  2. As you may remember, Janus, I am a self-confessed literalist, having fallen under the spell of the great Dennis Norden at a formative age. In that spirit, I have to say:-

    Bother the flowers. Where’s the picture of Mrs J adorning the breakfast table?.

    And, by the way, it self-preens me immensely to have to tell you that I just googled literalist Denis Norden and this came in at Number 8:-


    Mind, it’s probably the Roslin Chapel reference which pushed it up the charts, to be fair.

  3. JM, I can’t risk the said pictures going viral amd frightening the world-wide horses. 😊

    But the literalist tendency has its appeal. ‘Giant waves down ship’s funnel.’

  4. CO: many were brought to North America by European settlers. European plants often proved more aggressive than their North American counterparts and quickly took over.

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