14 thoughts on “Photo competition – wild flowers”

  1. No, leave those flowers where they are. They’re beautiful. In our neck of the woods wild flowers would have to be rescued from drowning and given artificial respiration at the moment.

  2. So a bamboo grove would count? Pity about the timing, sometime in the next few months I am due to go to Anji which is home to one of the world’s greatest bamboo forests.

  3. Sheona, subaquatic arrangements are also allowed.

    Christopher, your average bamboo tends to shoot, I suppose, but will it succumb to being plucked and deployed in a vase?

  4. Up to my eyeballs trying to finish the new greenhouse and raised beds before I leave for Wales. We are so hot here this year and dry, that everything has done its bit and fried up! No doubt not so bad up Mt Baker but I haven’t the time to go up there. Been absolutely nowhere for 4 months trying to get this move under control.

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