I don’t believe it!

This idiot, whose name I had never heard before, is apparently standing for the leadership of the LibDims.  I don’t know whether this suggestion will actually be on his manifesto.


What possible reason could a childrens’ programme for a very young age range have for bringing in homosexual characters? My two little granddaughters love the Peppa Pig characters. There are boys and girls, Mummies and Daddies and some grandparents and other adults.  There are no sexual connotations whatsoever and no need to introduce any.  If the LibDims really want to commit political suicide, they now know what to do.

9 thoughts on “I don’t believe it!”

  1. Typically outrageous from media-mad politicians. The age of innocence is obviously dead. It will be 50 Shades of Blue Peter next.😡

  2. Hi Sheona.

    I just don’t know!

    Perhaps it would be better if such programmes did prepare future generations for the multi-gendered and differently sexually-orientated world in which they will have to live.

    I can still remember my four year old self wondering about the relationship between Bill and Ben. I appreciate that they maintained separate flower pots, as a sop to the social norms of their time, but what they were getting up to behind the potting shed was fairly obvious to us all.

    And don’t even get me started on Andy Pandy (who was always coming to play as I recall) and Teddy.

    In seriousness, you are absolutely right. The innocence of a child should be preserved for as long as possible.

    A man with the surname of Lamb, who might well be related to Larry, should not be spouting such nonsense. I agree with Mr Growser that it is ‘disgraceful’.

  3. What about a transgender character as well? we must not forget any minority!

    The Lib Dums really are the scrapings of the barrel these days.

  4. Good evening, JM and FEEG. Your comments remind me that I was never sure about “Ipop Weed”. Could that be transgender?

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