Heathrow or Gatwick?

As usual, a government report is published and produces no result whatsoever. The Airports Commission’s report on which option is best for a new runway in the south east of England amounts to not a lot. The recommended solution is a third runway at Heathrow with the rider that Gatwick is also a credible alternative.

The truth of the matter is that the result will be dithered over for as long as possible and it is likely that Gatwick will be chosen to have a second runway, as fewer ministers constituencies are affected by any new runway, as well as the fact that far fewer people will be affected, although Heathrow makes more economic sense. It will not affect us either way, as we live relatively close to both of the airports, but not close enough to be troubled by extra planes. In the meantime, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and various other continental airports are expanding apiece.

Oh well, In the end I expect demand will be so high that there will be a new runway at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stanstead.

What do you guys think?

7 thoughts on “Heathrow or Gatwick?”

  1. Hi FEEG

    I listened to Harriet Harperson trying to shaft David Cameron on this at PMQ’s.. She was better than I expected, to be fair. The reference to kowtowing to Boris when he was not even Leader of the Conservative Party ‘yet’ was a palpable hit.

    But the PM did promise that there would be a decision by the end of the year. I am, personally, happy to give him that much time for such an important matter.

  2. To understand the scale of the problem in practical terms. Compare the size of LHR with a couple of European Airports, CDG and SPL for example. You will see no way that either Heathrow or Gatwick can be made big enoughunless you want to tarmac over a few square miles of virgin countryside or knock down thousands of houses.
    The Thames Estuary is the only proper long term solution.
    The problem is the Heathrow Mafia, ie big companies which benefit from Heathrow’s restricted capacity (and it will still be restricted after the 3rd runway) and current location. I would bet that the leader of the Mafia is British Airways a large part of who’s value is its control of the majority of valuable Heathrow landing and takeoff slots.

  3. ‘Afternoon, FEEG!

    I think Boris will prevail so Gtwk will get the nod.

    The only passably bearable airport is Ststd – but it’s too far from Town and can’t compete with the big hubs.

  4. Jazz: Unless the SS Richard Montgomery goes bang, and what about all the dickie birds? The greenies worry more about them than humans. Like I said, I think that the only solution is expand all the current airports.

  5. I’m sure the SS Richard Montgomery can be dealt with andhe birds will look after themselves, they do at LHR.
    The airport thing is a bit like the €uro. It’s in danger of becoming a political decision rather than the solution to a problem. i.e. an even bigger problem later on.

  6. Since I generally fly to London City, this is all a bit esoteric. Still, Hellrow is as large as it reasonably can be and Shatwick isn’t really that viable an option considering its relatively isolated location and general lack of interest to expand there. I should add, however, that Frankfurt cannot really expand much more as the Hesse government opposes it. Munich is growing instead.Lufthansa, to its credit, isn’t married to FRA in the same way as British Airways is to Hellrow.

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