Christopher Aus Trier Aber Im Embra

Well, we finally get rid of Christopher tomorrow.

He seems to have enjoyed himself and I await, with interest,  his critique of Embra and those parts of Caledonia that he has visited in the past week.

All credit to him. He has dealt with everything that I have thrown at him, including the Full Scottish Breakfast which he consumed on the banks of the Union Canal on Friday. This was particularly impressive when you consider that he had just visited the home town of Alex Salmond.

Anyhow, here’s that breakfast:-

Full Scottish

The chips are, to be fair, not his (although he did pinch a few). Not that I’m bitter.

Haggis and black pudding front left. Potato scone rear right behind the beans.

When we offered him  his choice for his last meal in Scotland, he specified another FSB. I will be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to prepare it for him.

No beans will be involved but he’s going to have to cope with a bit of clootie dumpling.

Photo to follow.

2 thoughts on “Christopher Aus Trier Aber Im Embra”

  1. I hope at some point he’s had kippers for breakfast after a bowl of porridge.

  2. A boy needs something inside him when he’s travelling. His breakfast soup in China will remind him of you.

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