Some good news days

While it is often said that there is never any good news to be read in the press, I think that yesterday and today have been pretty satisfactory.

Yesterday we had Merkel and Hollande announcing their latest scheme to show who rules the EU roost by putting forward a plan to make corporation tax the same throughout the EU.  There are more member states than the UK who would object to this, particularly Luxemburg, the homeland of that useless president of the EU commission, and Ireland, which recently discovered through the IMF just how it had been bullied into austerity to save the euro. ( I did like John Redwood’s definition of euro as European Unemployment and Recession Organisation as well.)  But the dreadful duo’s announcement should show Cameron that we might as well get out of the EU now.  Referendum next week and stop the cheques today!  I can understand Hollande’s desire to reduce every other member state’s competitiveness to France’s level, but not why Merkel bothers with him. Perhaps he’s mastered saying “Jawohl meine Führerin” nicely.

Today’s pleasing headline concerned the dawn raid by the Swiss police on the Baur au Lac, one of Zurich’s most prestigious hotels, to arrest half a dozen FIFA officials, allegedly corrupt.  Whether they were dragged out in their pyjamas was not reported. Said pyjamas are probably of silk lined with hundred dollar bills (to misquote P G Wodehouse).

The news about the dire financial straits of the Cat Rescue Society in Menton was less pleasing, but I can’t have everything.

3 thoughts on “Some good news days”

  1. Just to add a little bit of spice to Hollande’s stupidity, Le Figaro has published a piece reporting that 7 out of 10 French people think France has lost its “attractivité” for business. The right-wingers suggest lowering the rate of corporation tax.

  2. Sheona: Germany is nearly as dirigiste as France. Germany’s labour market is also even less flexible than that of France or, for that matter, Italy’s. Germany’s corporate tax rate is also only marginally lower than France’s. Germany has stayed afloat not because its economy is especially healthy, but because it produces in-demand products inefficiently at prices that undercut all competitions. This is achieved by driving-down wages and relying increasingly on poorly-paid “Minijobbers”. Within 5-10 years, Germany will begin resembling Italy circa 2010. as demographic decline will start to bite. Until then, expect the up-tick in labour strikes to continue. Germans aren’t striking because they suddenly like to strike, but because they’ve been squeezed financially almost as much as Southern Europe. Some have said that Merkel, despite her present popularity, will be remembered as a poor chancellor whose inaction and inability to lead have cost Germany and Europe dearly. This is starting to come to pass.

    Merkel’s hands are also tied. For her to achieve the “federal Europe” that she so desires would force Germany to replace its constitution. That is one of the few things that would require a referendum in the Federal Republic. Over 60pc of German voters think that the EU is too powerful already and German voters have precious little confidence in their government.

    Pity about the cat sanctuary.

  3. On the Canadian radio this morning the sports commentators were as sick as parrots that A. Blatter hadn’t been nicked and B. Qatar and Moscow were not to be relieved of their ill gotten gains. C. Blatter was standing for re-election again this week.
    So… business as usual. The gravy train rolling on, they were incensed.
    The whole thing is disgusting. If the footballing countries had any balls they would just refuse point blank to go.

    Talking about balls, or lack of them. Germany/France know full well sluggo Dave doesn’t have any and they can get away with anything they like, All talk, already the Human rights debacle has been kicked into the long grass, wonder how long it will take him to wriggle out of the referendum? He will for sure, couldn’t see him getting to the end of Wigan Pier by himself! He disgusts me.

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