You’re Welcome!

So the Swedes win Eurovision again. It only took them two years! I am pleased that Australia did well and has shown interest in competing again. My personal favourite entry, Norway, also did well at 8th place. Meanwhile, the Huns and their neighbours, the Austrian Huns, have competed with each other for null points saving the United Kingdom from bottom place again. You are welcome. Next year, watch out for China competing. In the process, could they please colonise Hunland? I’m sure they couldn’t run the place into the ground any more than the present lot!

Author: Christopher-Dorset

A Bloody Kangaroo

12 thoughts on “You’re Welcome!”

  1. thanks for your shout out to australia…although i think we may need to rename the whole thing euro/austrovision; and sure, when china gets in on the act it will be euroaustrosinovision!

  2. Well Christopher you’ve disturbed my apathy re the Eurovision Song Contest sufficiently for me to go and look at the British and Swedish entries on YouTube.
    By any measure the British entry was vastly superior. But of course the contest has nothing to do with merit, at least not of the musical kind.
    The Swedes are well advanced in wrecking their country in the name of socialism and PC so maybe that’s what it’s really about………..better hope we never win it.

    I shall now go and watch the Russian entry.

  3. Jazz: even in Sweden the tone is changing. The Swedish immigration minister has openly admitted that Sweden’s immigration policy has been a complete and utter failure. Societies work like pendulums. Pull it too far to one side and, when a critical point is reached, it will swing back to the other side with just as much force. That has been the case in Victorian Britain and post-Franco Spain. I anticipate that it will go much the same way again. I also rather liked the UK entry, although the Louis Armstrong imitation was underwhelming.

  4. How come Australia and China are in Europe these days?
    I’ve heard of ‘Continental Drift’, but that is ridiculous!
    You do realise by this time next week Gondwanaland will have reformed?
    That will put the people traffickers out of business, ‘refugees; will all be able to walk to any destination of their choice!
    Watch out for the singing beaded lady turning up on your doorstep!

  5. CO: Australia has a large Eurovision fan-base. A large part of the Great Southern Land’s population were also born in Europe. Culturally it is very much Western and far closer to being “British” than “American”. The Chinese have the money and the market for European media. Best to be nice to them and appeal to their sensibilities. They may consider paying for an MP3 download before making a few millions boot-legged copies to sell on the black-market that way. Still, better the Australians and Chinese than continentals. Simple-minded creatures generally, continentals. I’ve started to agree with you that “wogs start at Calais”. The less said the better.

    Presently I am in deep rural California. The singing bearded lady is far prettier than many creatures scurrying about here. She/he/it also has more teeth.

  6. I can’t say I’ve watched the Eurovision Song Contest here – I think I gave up when Sandy Shaw won it in 1967! But, apparently some 2.7 million viewers watched the 2013 competition here. So why not join in the harmless fun… 🙂

  7. Harmless?
    Watching that bearded lady sing?
    Enough to warp one for life, the stuff of the cold shuddering nightmares hiding in the wardrobe I would have thought!!
    They would have to pay me serious money to watch such putative damage to my mental health!
    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

    C The expression is “Wogs BEGIN at Calais” I have fond memories of the old man roaring such politically incorrect calumnies with accompanying theatrical gestures. He ought to have gone on the stage.

  8. CO: mea culpa! Pity that one struggles to find venues where free expression is still possible sans censure. Normally I mutter curses involving “bloody Hun savages” under my breath while wondering about aimlessly.

  9. Hi Christophertrier

    I was slightly miffed by you last Sunday, if truth be told. I had been to a very enjoyable wedding in East Lothian for most of Saturday afternoon, evening and night and had forgotten to record the ESC.

    Late Sunday morning and I finally surfaced. Realising my omission, I hit the Catch Up button and started downloading my yearly fix of Eurotrash. I deliberately did not engage with any media of any sort in case it spoilt my self-inflicted postponed denouement by preadverting me as to who had won and how badly the UK had lost.

    Except! I had fondly thought that the Chariot would be a Eurovision free zone so I had a quick visit thereto while I downloaded, only to learn from you that the Swedes had pulled it off again.

    Not too upset. I always record the event anyway so that I can fast forward through the songs as soon as I think they are rubbish and can go straight to the voting which is, for me, the fun part.

    Anyhow, I thought the Russian song was the best but was delighted that it did not win. That’ll teach Putin.

    One of the best UK entries in a long time, in my opinion,

    Clock counting down to your Embran visit. Mrs M and I are looking forward to meeting you.

  10. Yikes! Another mea culpa! I only wrote this post in order to stave off another “reminder” from Janus! It was the most convenient topic I could think of.

    The Swede had the catchiest, most neutral entry. Russia was a bit stronger, but Russia is a bit controversial at the moment.I did think it in poor-taste for some members of the audience to boo Gagarina. She has no control over Putin or his policies.

    Agreed on Electrovelvet. It was interesting and they were better than the place they received. Bloody ingrates in Australia didn’t even give them one point!

    That said, I should give you my email address in order for us to make final arrangements in due order for Edinburgh’s impending doom, that is, my visit. . Let me know when you have it so I can take it down from this post.

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