Degrees of guilt?

There’s an article in Nice Matin this morning about an Antibes artist who uses charcoal to decorate local walls and trees. He seems to confine himself to the narrow streets of the old part of the Cité des Remparts, as Antibes is often called at least by the press. It still possesses a fair part of its old defensive walls overlooking the sea.  As you can see the back streets of old Antibes rather give the lie to the reputation of Riviera glamour.

There are penalties for graffitti “artists” in France if they are caught. This artist would face them. Yet his work, as he points out, does no harm to surfaces and washes away in the rain.  This is not the case with the mindless “tags” applied with spray paint on buildings and trains by those who are basically writing “Achmed woz ‘ere” and not creating a thing of beauty but just delineating their gang’s territory.

I think that if this charcoal artist is ever caught, he should not face the same penalty as spray paint vandals. In fact if I were to find his work on our front wall when we go back in a few weeks, I would feel quite honoured.  Surely this is a case where the law should not be applied equally.

12 thoughts on “Degrees of guilt?”

  1. Since this chap doesn’t permanently deface anything and what he does is rather pleasing, I don’t think he should be prosecuted at all.

  2. Antibes is a long way from Calais and police in the south have enough problems with the illegals coming in from Italy. I suspect Calais police have more on their minds than graffitti artists at the moment.

  3. Sheona: I can’t help but chuckle a little as the EU talks about the need for “more Europe” when the “Europe” they already has is making crises even worse. If there was still a border with Italy, it would be far easier to check the flow of illegals. Europe also wouldn’t be overrun as it currently is because the options would be far less desirable. Much like the SNP, the EU will eventually wreck itself. Sadly, it will end in tears for more than just the pollies.

  4. Sadly, it will end in tears for more than just the pollies.

    God protect us from politicians.

  5. Christopher, at one point Sarkozy did close the border between France and Italy to prevent an influx of Tunisians after the Arab Spring. Shrieks of horror from the EU!

  6. Jazz: Mark Twain’s comment about babies and soiled nappies was most apt.

    Sheona: at the same time, just before their last election, Denmark unilaterally withdrew from Schengen for the same reason. The EU mob brayed in outrage. Then, when Gucci Helle won, it was quickly dropped.

  7. Hasn’t Gucci Helle got another election coming up that she may not win? She can then go and be an MP’s wife in Wales.

  8. Sheona: the next Viking general election is scheduled for 18 June. In the past, the opposition held a strong lead but the government has recovered recently. Much of it is because the opposition kept the loser from last time and he’s been weighing down on his party like an albatross.

  9. Indeed! Helle looks like winning a second term, but unusually the contest is turning dirty with key candidates calling each other liars. The weakness of the blue wing is also creating some strange bedfellows among hitherto opposing parties.

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