Time and place

Originally I wrote this as a joke back back in the seventies, I had no idea that is might turn out still to be a bit closer to the truth than I had imagined, all these years later

“The time has come to end it all”
he said on looking down.
I’ll leap from this ledge fifty one floors up
Then blackness all around”
In passing by the thirteenth floor
A man leapt into space
A man of dark and flowing locks
A beard upon his face
A man who falling caught him up
And caught him by the ears
And yelled “This is a hijack man
Fly me to Algiers”

7 thoughts on “Time and place”

  1. Prescient? I dunno about that Minty. It seemed fairly obvious even back then that it was always going to be an ongoing problem. At the risk of sounding cynical, putting three in a cockpit where two would always be always present was never going to make flying a non viable business was it?. It is, I fear, all about maximising profit and the ongoing rise of Murdochism. The death of 150 people in one incident is the only thing that outsells a picture a pair of 38dd’s or the fact that some twat who can kick a ball has had it away in a hot tub with a strawberry flavoured youghurt while earning forty squillion quid a week.
    How many people died on our roads in the UK last year?
    One thousand, seven hundred and thirteen.
    Won’t sell papers though will it?.

    Oops, I’m going off on one again aren’t I? 🙂

  2. More people will die this year of starvation than in any other year in history. More people will die of cancer, heart disease, traffic accidents, murder, falling out of bed….. So much for advances in agriculture, medicine, road safety, policing, ‘elf and safety’. Death is a fact of life and therefore almost irrelevant to serious thought. It is time that people stopped making it politically incorrect. Several hundred thousand people will die today. Really. Do I give a toss? Does anybody hear give a toss? Not really. Not unless we know one or more of them. Even then I imagine emotions are liable to be mixed. If they did not die today, they would die tomorrow, or the day after. But they will die.

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