Happy Christmas

??????????I had an enjoyable evening making the wreath for the door, but decided it made a better table decoration.
Happy Christmas to one and all.

Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

20 thoughts on “Happy Christmas”

  1. Yes, it is and I’m starting to panic slightly. We are doing the whole Christmas thing on Christmas Eve this year because Daughter Number 1 and family are spending Christmas Day with his parents.

  2. Janus.

    That’s what I always think. Once Christmas is over, I cheerfully ignore all the bad weather because the evenings are getting lighter and Spring is just around the corner.

  3. This is the fulcrum of the year…..
    and after I have everyone back under one roof I shall be pleased! 23rd 🙂

  4. The NSW is on duty Christmas Eve and Day so I can’t open my prezzies until Boxing Day. Sob! Still, I’ve got all of 25th to prep Christmas Lunch and we’ll have a lovely day on 26th. If the weather stays like it is we shall be dining on the terrace..

    Happy Christmas to you and yours, Pseu.


  5. But soft, what light etc? Is the Spirit of yuletide getting the upper hand? All the main supermarkets here are closing on 24 -26th December! Yes, closing. What will the check-out addicts do? Better stock up with essentials then, eh? Fags, booze, chocs….. 😏

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