Christmas Poetry Competition

Christmas CompetitionWell as we enter into December (and a real cold snap in London) I invite each and every one of you to put pen to paper and write a short verse or verses on any Christmas scene.  The verses could be long and stringy like tinsel,  short and stumpy like a yule log or even haphazard as in the branches of a Christmas tree.  The use of a “Robin” may score a bonus point.  To whet your appetite I have the following suggestions: 1) you may choose a “voice” or inanimate object in which to convey your poem, e.g. angel, Xmas tree, Snowflake, mince pie, cracker etc. 2) you can set your ‘scene’ anywhere, not just a traditional scene; it could be set in a busy underground railway station, on an empty park bench, in a pub, though I have to say traditional scenes are welcome e.g choir stalls.

As Feeg has earlier said, please be encouraged to have a go. In addition to a winning prize, all entries will be put into a bran tub and a draw will be made, the lucky winner of the bran tub draw will also receive a prize! Clever use of words is fine, but so too is clever use of images (not accompanying photos but images conjured by the words themselves). Janus, you are restricted to no more than ten entries ha ha. Aramanita and Bilby I direct you forthwith to put pen to paper! And for the rest of you cheerful Charioteers, have a drink on me and get those juices flowing. JW get your skates on. Oz go eat lamb.

Parallel to the Poetry/Verse competition I challenge anyone to write a short Carol and for any one Carol that ticks my boxes I shall compose a tune and put a link to in on the Chariot. Now be off with you.


19 thoughts on “Christmas Poetry Competition”

  1. Nice one, PG! Pls consider my Christmas carol already submitted for your parallel thingy. Hmm, scene, robin, voice, images – tasty! 🙂

  2. Bah humbug, Janus. If I survive the reception class nativity tomorrow – I’m an anxious grandmother whose 4 year old grandson is one of the flock of sheep. He’s having terrible stage fright about it all – I’ll have a day off and start my Christmas Mouse Pome.

    Thanks PapaG – what a good idea. 🙂

  3. Hope the nativity play goes well tomorrow, Araminta. Our Angel Gabriel managed to get her lines out without a hitch. British Premiere of the video on Christmas Day.

  4. Our local 7 year old was in a Santa Lucia procession the other day. Our 4 year old, not dressed or rehearsed for the occasion, shouted, ‘There she is!’, ran out and joined in with her sister, singing loudly and almost in time with the rest!

  5. Thank you, Sheona and Janus.

    It was very well managed and no major disasters. Poor things had two performances so we attended the second one. The morning performance had an angel in tears and two of the sheep made a bid for freedom when they spotted their parents. They had an impressive number of sheep-dogs, er sorry teachers, for the afternoon performance so they had them tightly bunched and surrounded!

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