Poetry comp results November 2014

Well, it is a pity there were only three entries, but they were all of the highest quality. (entries here)

Firstly, Janus’s tribute to the fallen of World War One

Secondly, Soutie’s tongue in cheek appreciation of the New South Africa.

Thirdly, PapaG’s thanks for life in general, with a bit of sub-editing from Soutie

I have to say I enjoyed reading each of them very much, and it has taken me a day of consideration to come to a decision.

By a gnat’s whatsit, because of his preferences for pooches over moggies, the winner is PapaG. Well done Sir, but I reckon you owe Soutie a beer!

I leave the Chrimbo Comp in your capable hands.

NB: Please, all you Charioteers out there, take a bit of time to try and write a poem. It does not have to be very long or very clever. Just write your thoughts down on paper.

5 thoughts on “Poetry comp results November 2014”

  1. Well done, PapaG, and Soutie, I gather.

    FEEG, I take your point about just penning a poem, so thank you for this competition and I will most certainly try harder. 😦

  2. Congrats to you, PG, and to your editor, Soutie!

    I second FEEG’s call for more contributions to PG’s upcoming Chrimble Comp. Poetry IS all about cherished thoughts, nothing else. πŸ™‚ Well done, FEEG!

  3. Thankyou FEEG – I guess the light touch edged it though I have to say I think Janus’s crafted piece was in a class of its own. Sure I owe Soutie a beer (cheers Soutie) but the words were unchanged and I think Soutie tjust tried to make it more appealing in presentation.

    Janus I will keep your poem – it deserves to be published.

    As for Chrimbo Poetry competition I shall put something up before Sunday night and you can be sure I will try and put a sparkle on it. But Janus, if you pen a Carol I will attempt to put it to music! .

  4. As I said, PG, it was very close. In the end your preference for dogs over cats just swung it for me, I agree Janus’s contribution was magnificent. I shall have to have a bash at composing a tune for his Christmas Carol.

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