A poem for the November competition.

Thanks to Janus’s incredibly good taste, it appears I am in a position to set the theme for November’s Pome Comp.

Since Mrs FEEG and I will be visiting our son and daughter-in-law in Washington, for Thanksgiving, I think a good theme for a poem would be Giving Thanks.

Satire and sarcasm would be welcome, as in:

Thanks for making me laugh,
Thanks for making me barf,
You MPs are all the same
Buggering round at the Politics Game!

However, equally welcome would be sincere expressions of thanks as in:

Thank you so very much, Mum
When I was young, you wiped my bum
Now you are old and grey
I want to help you every day!

I sincerely hope the standard will be higher than this doggerel, but I would encourage all and sundry to get their creative thinking caps on. If not, I will be nagging all and sundry mercilessly!

Note that, because of the aforementioned trip, the deadline will be midnight on December 3rd.

8 thoughts on “A poem for the November competition.”

  1. Do not worry, Janus. Feel free to extend or modify either example as much as you like! It will not count against you in the final countdown. 🙂

  2. 100 years on

    ‘Words cannot express,’ we say
    ‘What shame, what horror, what contempt
    The scenes of gore and grief inspire.’
    They can’t. For war defies all prose,
    All poetry, speech, the very thought
    A mind might try to give some form.
    Let’s be content only to breathe
    A gasp of gratitude for those
    Who breathed their lonely last for us.

  3. Howzit FEEG

    Here’s one …

    My thanks to Madiba for giving me democracy
    and his able successor, Thabo ~ baai baai danke
    For guiding us through those difficult years
    took patience and courage to allay people’s fears.

    My thanks too to Jacob for steering our ship
    no easy task, There could have been many a slip.
    A bountiful country with employment for all
    Roofs over our heads, public services on call

    My thanks as well to the governing party
    who else could produce this but the A N C
    Our little corner, where none go hungry,
    nothing to fear, side by side so happily

    And finally my thanks to the doctors and staff
    for looking after me, can’t be easy by half.
    And the kind lady, in the white suit with the frills
    who morning, day and night never forgets my pills.

    Posted here


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