World Rhino day

From my daily read …

A game ranger at the Kruger National Park gives an orphaned baby rhino water. Its mother was killed by poachers. Today is World Rhino Day to sensitise people about the devastation poachers cause as South Africa and neighbouring countries battle to protect endangered species. More than 750 rhino have been poached in South Africa since the beginning of the year


5 thoughts on “World Rhino day”

  1. From what I gather the Chinese are the ones buying the horn.
    The best reason I know not to buy their bloody products, which I do not as a matter of principle.
    Very difficult now here in the USA not to buy them, often one just goes without. So be it!

  2. Morning all

    From what Ive read and heard the majority of rhino horns end up in Vietnam, I’m sure that the whole of Southeast Asia is “at it” but most of the kingpins appear to be Vietnamese, the Chinese however are big into perlemoen (abalone) poaching, we hear of police ‘busts’ almost every week but unfortunately after the perlemoen have been shelled, processed and ready for transporting to wherever.

    I have a feeling that our rangers are constrained by the laws of the land and can’t ‘shoot on sight.’ they have to try and effect arrests as any police force would do and hand the matter over to the judiciary. Having said that they frequently have to fire at the poachers in self defence as they themselves are often shot at by the poachers in their attempts to escape arrest, as this article demonstrates.

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