EP v OFS and EP v Pumas

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For those of you who have missed my regular updates on the (non) performance / (non) progress of my Eastern Province rugby team, fear not, we still go, we still watch and we still leave disappointed!

Some may remember my post on our first match since rejoining the top tier of SA rugby not to long ago. Well not much has changed since then, our record in this year’s tournament now reads played 7 – lost 7.

Yesterday was no different, we started off not to badly, went behind to a couple of penalties, conceded a try, scored a beaut of a try ourselves and went into half time trailing by only 6 points, then the wheels fell off!

Most disappointing however was the crowd, in my many, many visits to our stadium for a variety of football and rugby matches yesterday’s crowd has to be the smallest that I’ve ever witnessed, I know, supporters love a winner!

Notwithstanding the result, a great day, great weather, great company.

Only one more home game left, so not much more of the agony to endure.

(until next year that is.)



13 thoughts on “EP v OFS and EP v Pumas”

  1. I know the feeling. Coventry City won the FA Cup in the ’80s and now languish uncertainly in League One! Coventry Rugby however are on the up again. Yes! πŸ™‚

  2. Morning gang

    For some reason I’m reminded of that old saying – be careful, the light at the end of the tunnel might just be that of an oncoming train!

  3. Hi Soutie

    I apologise in advance for my hope that the Sharks will heap even more pain on your team this coming Saturday. We need the points.

    The important thing is that the Southern Kings will be be playing Super Rugby in 2016. I am sure that the team will be better equipped to compete by then.

    Embra are still struggling under Solomons and got a serious gubbing from Ospreys on Sunday. We are definitely a work in progress.

    It does not help that the Weegie Warriors are cooking with gas under my second-least favourite Scotland stand-off of all time. Gregor Townsend only managed that exalted position by playing for the Sharks for a wee while.

    Had he had not done so, he would have been serious competition to Dan Parks for the bottom spot.

  4. Morning JM

    Well I for one am not expecting any fireworks up at Kings Park this weekend, the frustrating thing is that when the Currie Cup schedule was announced I sorted penciled in good performances in this game against Free State and our last home game against The Pumas (Eastern Transvaal) on 10/10 kick off 7pm.

    Time will tell.

  5. Hi Soutie

    It’s been a busy day. Recorded the Bokke v NZ match but have only just had the time to watch it. The good thing is that I did not know the result as I would have had to make a deliberate effort to find that out before I watched the game. I didn’t, of course.

    What a Test Match. Your first try was utterly memorable and you fully deserved the 21:13 lead at half time. In the second half, I thought the All Blacks were going to do their usual and claw their way back to victory. Not a great fan of TMO decisions, except for tries, but it was only fair on this occasion and Lambie’s 55 metre penalty gave SA the victory they deserved.

    I thought Vermeulen was superb.

    Good luck against the Pumas this coming Saturday.

  6. Morning JM

    How tense was that?

    That then is the end of their ‘undefeated streak’ ~ good πŸ™‚

    As for the EP game yesterday, another drubbing, at the hands of Griquas this time, once again we were ‘in it’ ’till half time but then as has happened far too many times before, the floodgates opened. One game to go, I’ll be there, it would be a complete understatement to suggest that our return to A section rugby has been a huge disappointment but we’ve had fun being part of it.

  7. ‘Their undefeated streak…’ Which was actually alway behind that of the Moufflons which stands at 23 wins on the trot πŸ™‚

  8. Howzit Bravo, ah yes, The Moufflons, I remember them.

    The AB’s weren’t on a winning streak, they drew their opening Championship game against Oz πŸ™‚

  9. They’re promoted again this season – first game in ENC 2B on the 18th October against that mighty bastion of the game, Andorra…

    It’s tough, down amongst teh weeds πŸ˜€

  10. Good news

    WE WON ONE !!!!

    Yes, I know that you’ll all find it difficult to believe but as I predicted, our final game of the season (last night at home to the Pumas) was the match that broke our duck.

    It was close, tense, we sneaked into the lead with only 4 minutes to go, the Kings held their nerve, it was the opposition’s turn to panic, we held out, we won 26-25 πŸ™‚


  11. Wherever you are, Soutie, good luck and best wishes.

    On the evidence of most of yesterday’s first half, I thought that the Kings were going to gub us but was happy that we scraped through eventually. Du Preez is going to be a rugby Great, in my opinion.

    Hoping to meet the Bokke in the WRC Final. After beating you in the Group Stage, of course.

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