Currie Cup ~ E.P. v W.P

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The Currie Cup is reputed to be the oldest rugby provincial competition in the world and after a 12 year absence my Eastern Province is back in it!

It’s the top tier of S.A. rugby and yes, you’ve probably guessed by now we (EP) have never won it.

We won’t be winning it this year either but that matters not, the season kicked off last night with our first pool game against Western Province.

After our highly successful Super rugby campaign last year most of our players have been bought / stole / enticed away to ‘bigger’ clubs. (A Scottish bunch even enticed our coach away along with one of our best flankers!)

So, lots of new names to learn last night, lots of fringe players from last season getting a chance to step up to the big time lots of mistakes and drama but who cares (not me) another great night of rugby in our very own new stadium.

You can see that the Eastern Province team have reverted back to the famous Red and Black hoops kit, no more pandering to advertisers and promoters, no more dull black or white shirts that any true EP fans have absolutely no affinity with whatsoever, no, back to our famous red and black.

As you all know by know, results are hard to come by down here, suffice to say that we scored our first Currie Cup try in 12 years in the 32nd minute and led 11-10 at halftime, then the wheels fell off.

But a great evening, a great competition, it’s good to be back!Maidens in traditional dress await the arrival of the two teams.


The traditional black and red hooped kit.

6 thoughts on “Currie Cup ~ E.P. v W.P”

  1. It’s a great compliment that “a Scottish bunch” lured away two of your people, Soutie. Enjoy your rugby!

  2. Soutie, I fully understand, brought up in a ‘rugger mad’ family in Coventry – Ivor Preece, Peter Jackson, Phil Judd, Dai Duckham, Pete Rossborough, Peter Preece.

  3. Gotta say that the sevens were the best bit of the Commonwealth Games by a country mile. Enjoy EP’s season.


  4. Hi Soutie

    Sought out your most recent rugger post to enquire what that was all about tonight?

    As you have probably realised by now, I am a ‘we/our/us’ kind of guy when it comes to the Bokke unless you are playing Scotland. Not a happy, fellow-travelling bunny for a lot of that game against the Argies tonight. They came so close. Steve Walsh did not help, of course, but at least he’s consistent that way.

    Whatever, ‘We’ are top of the table, despite the Aussies blowing the Bledisloe Cup big time.

    Sharks on course for yet another Currie Cup as well!

  5. Morning JM

    Ah yes, “a win’s a win” we used to say, we’ll take it!

    Scrappy to say the least, not helped as you say by Steve Walsh ( has he got worse since he started growing that facial hair?)

    My Eastern Province earned their 1st point of the Currie cup by only losing within 7, away to the Bulls yesterday 🙂

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