38 thoughts on “A warning to all those residing in England.”

  1. Janus: you highly recommended it to me last year. I found a B&B in a heritage building and reserved a room there.

    Bravo: I am a caffeine addict. That would work nicely, thank you.

  2. *Sigh* sports are rather a sensitive topic, Janus. Ever since our noble wolf was rendered speechless when I informed him of my two favourite sports I’ve been hesitant to discuss the matter.

  3. Well come on christopher what are they?
    Mine is tiddlywinks with manhole covers but no-one ever seems to want to play!
    Serious paucity of international events! So very cheap to be a world class player!!!

  4. Gymastics and figure skating, CO. I support the Japanese in both. You can imagine the near outbreak of warfare within the family when I supported Uchimura over Germany’s Nguyen.

  5. Christopher, a classical choice if I might say so. Opportunities for figure skating we’re clearly limited in the ancient world – as with water skiing! 🙂

  6. Room for all sorts christopher. Spousal unit hates sport and really only gets enthusiastic about opera.
    You can imagine how that goes down in some quarters. One of the things on which we see eye to eye!
    I too detest competitive professional sports of any nature.

  7. CO: I enjoy gymastics and figure skating because it requires a great deal of artistry, not just running about and kicking a ball or displaying brute strength. There is also far less money involved for individual athletes. How many gymast’s wives do we hear of? How many figure skater’s girlfriends do we hear of? None. Nor do we see many gymnasts or figure skaters drive erratically in their new Bentleys or Ferraris.

  8. Hi Christopher,

    Just how do you pick a winner at gymnastics or figure skating? Unless someone falls the competitors are all pretty much the same.

    This isn’t your sport but I always like a little dig. It amazes me how a man of the match is chosen after a rugby game? 32 men pushing and pulling one another. Mind boggling.

    Time for bed now. The Ravens game is on at 1.30 am. Bye for now.

  9. TR: usually, style and consistency. Take, for example, the world’s current leader in figure skating, Hanyu Yuzuru. His performances are extremely elegant and polished. While he does make mistakes, his programmes are usually slightly more complicated — more moves and more complex moves. Based on his age, 19 as of the Olympics this year, he still has one more Olympics in him. Others, such as Takahashi Daisuke were extremely brilliant but because he is already 28 or 29 he no longer has as much energy or endurance. Gymnastics are much the same. Much like anything else, one learns what to look for.

    Janus: yes, very much so. I do appreciate cricket, however.

    Sheona, Boadicea and any others familiar with London: I would also like to visit the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and Kew Palace.

  10. You arrive in London the day I leave the UK!

    If you have time – don’t just look at the outside of Tower Bridge – go inside.

  11. I’d join you at the airport if you like? Christopher, if you can spare an hour, make sure you go on one of the tours of the Tower led by one of the Yeomen Warders – history in the inimitable style of the British Army 🙂

  12. I’m based in Hove – so getting to London at that time should be OK. We will sort something out – OK Bravo?

    I will second Bravo’s suggestion. A tour by a Yeoman Warder costs nothing once you are in the Tower. I’ve been on several of their ‘tours’ – they are so informative and amusing.

  13. I’m at the convenience of our visitors – I can reschedule stuff if necessary so let me know where and whe I should turn up and I’ll be there 🙂

  14. Boadicea: do not worry too much about the time, I still have to clear the UK border and collect my baggage.

    Bravo: if you wish. I will also be in London for 2 days before returning to the continent and have a largely free schedule then. I plan on visiting Kensington Palace, the V&A, Tower of London and the Tower Bridge.

    Sheona: which would you prefer?

    Minty: I will send you an email.

  15. A get-together with three Charioteers, including the Queen of the Iceni herself, would be great. If London City Airport suits, that’s fine by me.

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