Poetry Competition – ‘A Musical Turn’


Cherished colleagues I invite you to submit entries for the August poetry competition on the subject heading “A Musical Turn”.  This may relate to a dance, a musical instrument,  a phrase in a song, even an unusual musical chord (go on Jason you can make one up).  You can even write a song which I may put to music.

I realise that this subject may fall on deaf ears but anything on “sound” or ” noise” will be accepted. Please use your imagination but I have to say that musicality will win bonus points. Closing date 31 August – midnight GMT.


8 thoughts on “Poetry Competition – ‘A Musical Turn’”

  1. Karaoke

    It was at the Prince Alfred club
    Back in nineteen ninety three
    Loads of people in the pub
    enjoying an evening’s karaoke

    It was perhaps our second date.
    She held my hand, looked me in the eye
    and said “If you really really wanna be my mate
    go and sing for me Unchained Melody”

    I froze, puzzled? I looked at her
    She smiled, and nodded seriously
    “Go get me a tequila… and another,
    …and another.” The rest they say is history.

    A true story would you believe?

  2. Good evening Papa G,

    Oh! Oh! Oh! what a wonderful theme!
    Who wouldn’t be a poet, eh?
    When you can rhyme skulduggery.

    You can expect a sedate entry from me before the closing date.


    You wrote a karaoke post a wee while back. You said that there was a song you were proficient at. I forgot what it was but Good Archivist that I am I found the blog. Now I am told you have been singing since at least 1993. This was roughly when I made my debut on the K circuit. You must have sang plenty of songs. Show us your set list of hits that you’ve crooned and I’ll show you mine.

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