Winner of June Poetry Competition

Many thanks to those Charioteers who entered the June Competition; you are STARS, every one of you!

Thanks also to Janus, for scattering lines of topical interest and amusement throughout the thread, and to PapaG for his enigmatic second pome which may (or may not) be a message to (or from) the stars.


Araminta: Good Heavens!
Short and sweet; a little dream of a poem, with great scansion. Another stanza would have been nice.

Janus: 28th April 1949
Another Slacky Bottom Classic; atmospheric and beautifully composed.

JW: More than a Rainbow
A reliably outré poem from JW, with marvellously clever splashes of wordplay.” An exciting and hilarious entry.

PapaG: The Sky at Night
Wonderful imagery following a challenging beginning: “or skein of geese in squadron flight” and “glowing ships with seven sails, fluorescent fish with flashing tails.” Lovely.

Gazoopi: Twinkle twinkle little star
A wistful, questing poem in search of enlightenment; almost a prayer really. Nicely done.

FEEG: Celestial bodies
One lives and learns, and also smiles at heroic rhyming, especially,
“The one to spot this was Edmund Halley
who was, with Newton, so very pally.”
An entertaining and educational poem.






And the winner for June is:  JANUS!

10 thoughts on “Winner of June Poetry Competition”

  1. Ooh I thought it was close between Janus and JW. I agree Janus edged it. Thankyou Bilby and I will try and do better with my opening shock lines!

  2. Ah, yes.

    Nice competition Bilby but ……

    The golden rule when awarding the monthly award is never give it to my good friend Jay, you see, if he is (I nearly put an apostrophe there but decided against it) the winner and setter of the next challenge it reduces the entries by about 50%

    But don’t tell him I told you. Can we keep it just between us?

  3. It’s always difficult to choose, PapaG.
    Do you mean more shock or less? 😉

    Oh blimey, Soutie! Didn’t think that one through, did I? (Don’t worry, I’m a reliable keeper of secrets).
    Best to play it safe on the apostrophe thingy; the Bear (bless him) has a wide reach and a keen nose for transgressions … 😉

  4. Just woken up to this happy news. Thank you, Vilbers, and cherished fellow rhymsters.

    Now! How to inspire our reluctant poets to enter again? Thinking on’t………. 🙂

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