Another Entry for for CO’s Cornucopia of Fruits

I’m in the same boat as Soutie with little possibility of being able to offer photos of actual fruit on the bough in Caledonia (stern and wild) at this time of year unless I visit greenhouse or poly tunnel.

So, given that the rule is, as Soutie says, “Fruits – on a twig, stem, branch etc.”, here’s my entry.

It’s fruit at the front of a branch of an Israeli supermarket in the German Quarter of Jerusalem.


5 thoughts on “Another Entry for for CO’s Cornucopia of Fruits”

  1. A very handsome display, now then JM as a lawyer I sincerely hope that this was not “The fruit of the poisonous tree” Otherwise out it goes as evidence ‘root and branch’!
    Good one!

  2. Curious on thinking about this, USA supermarkets always have fruit , flowers and plants outside in some beautiful displays. UK supermarkets are pretty soulless by comparison. The best you get is some gorilla in a security suit or a toothless creature selling the big issue! Hardly tempting marketing!!! You would have to be pretty desperate to want to take any of them home!

    And what is it with these trolleys chained together only to be ransomed by pound coins?
    No wonder Tesco did not last five minutes in the American market!

  3. I reckon the fruiterer, JM, was a sergeant in the local forces. “Line up, you ‘orrible lot. You limes, get fell in next to them onions. By the left, number!!”

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