A few techo ramblings

You may have noticed that recent changes made by WordPress (they make changes pretty regularly) have resulted in the loss of the “Quote” facility and of the individual serial numbers for comments.   Rather a shame, but I have checked everything that can be checked and there’s no way to bring them back, as far as I can see.

They’ve also mucked around with the comment box – it still works as it always did, but the text that used to remind you that you can’t comment unless you’re logged on is not there any more.   You do still have to be logged in though.   If you try to comment when you’re not logged in, nothing will happen when you click on the “Post” button.   Nothing, nada, zilch.   You’ll just be left hanging – not a friendly outcome, but there’s nowt I can do about it. 😦

Finally, for about the hundredth time, please can certain Charioteers remember that “it’s” (with an apostrophe) always means “it is” (or “it has”) and is never, ever the possessive (genitive, belonging) case.   If you need the possessive, as in “the cat licked its paw”, leave the apostrophe out.   Yes, it’s the opposite of what we do with all other words, but that’s English for you.

Lastly, totally off track, how about our young Canberran, Nick Kyrgios?   What a guy!   Pronounced “Kir-ee-os”, in case you were wondering; the “g” is silent. 

12 thoughts on “A few techo ramblings”

  1. G’day Bearsy, thanks for the update.

    Pity about the quote and numbering of comments, they were two very good features.

    Oh, and well done to your Nick.

  2. They seem to have changed the photo stuff too. I never could understand why they expect people to create the posting in a box the size of a letter flap slit! Not that it seems that anything can be done about it!

    As to the its/it’s business, I darkly suspect I may well be one of the offenders, punctuation never was my strong point! I shall get a seed packet of GM apostrophes and see if I could grow a variety that are self selecting to their correct places. Nice thought, one hurls a handful at a page and they zoom to where they are required, the surplus being brushed off screaming to curl up and die as full stops. Good horror movie there.
    ‘Apocalypstrophe’ maybe?

  3. Hi Mrs O, no it’s (?) not you you, i think it’s (?) me.

    (Why do I think of Tony Curtis As I type this?)

    Oh well, I’ve promised myself to try harder or write apostropheless sentences in future 😉

  4. Hi Bearsy.

    The ‘Quote’ vanish was perplexing. Thanks for the explanation.

    Tim Henman was preening himself two days ago for being part of the Wimbledon committee who handed Nick Kyrgios a wild card. He was right to, Nick will be back.

    Apostrophe-wise, do you think you could have a word with Soutie about the intrusive ” ‘ ” which appears in Photos when one clicks on ‘Competitions’ in the top tool bar? It’s been driving me crazy for months now.

  5. “Oh well, I’ve promised myself to try harder or write apostropheless sentences in future”

    Me too.

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