And I thought life had passed me by!

I’ve finally done it!  I’ve been chucked out of a pub.  Why, you will wonder.  Was I dancing on tables or singing raucous Scottish songs in a corner?  No, nothing so exciting.  After waiting over 45 minutes for our lunch order, which had been lost somehow,  I was confident that the food would arrive not properly prepared.  And I was right.  Husband’s fish was warm not hot, my mushrooms were almost raw and the chips – large slabs of pale, unappetising potato.  We complained to the bar maid, who said she would pass it on to the landlady.

Not having a cruel nature, I will refrain from any physical description of this landlady who turned up at our table. Her explanation that there was only one chef in the kitchen – not our problem – and that when all the orders came at once, this caused difficulty, differed from her staff’s. The pub was not busy. But it was when husband spoke disparagingly of the chips, which we had not eaten, that she really flipped. Grabbing our unfinished drinks, she ordered us out of “her” pub, describing husband as a very rude young man.  I think she must have been suffering from landlord’s disease because husband will reach his three score years and ten in September, albeit unreconstructed three score and ten as he himself says quite proudly.

Was I right to follow her back into the pub demanding a refund for our confiscated drinks? It didn’t seem to soothe her any and we were once again ordered to leave.  Ah well, life’s rich tapestry …


22 thoughts on “And I thought life had passed me by!”

  1. Shock, horror.horror. Sheona.

    My goodness, you do lead exciting life.

    I haven’t been thrown out of a pub for about fifteen years, but that’s another story. 😉

  2. Well done! I shall leave Bearsy to tell the tale of the Lutterworth pub meal – but at least we weren’t thrown out!

    I shall simply tell the tale of the best hotel near Uluru (Ayers Rock), where we decided to spend a fortune on a night’s lodging so that I could see the sun rise over the Rock.

    The room was lacking in all sorts of things, and I asked reception to make sure they were put in the room while we went for a walk. I was told I could collect them from the kitchen – not at your prices I retorted!

    We then went for a meal – minute portions and not wonderfully cooked. I asked for a creme de menthe, and was told they didn’t have any and before I could order brandies the waitress turned on her heel and marched off.

    On the way out we were asked how we found the meal – and Bearsy answered – politely. We could have had a full refund, but settled for freshly made coffee and as much creme de menthe and brandy as we wanted… That’s the way to deal with complaints!

  3. Name and shame in the local press. , That often has a rapid effect.

  4. Well done girl! Absolutely splendid!
    I haven’t been flung out of a pub in so long it isn’t true, must be over 40 years and that was for dancing on the tables in Brasted, Kent, didn’t realise I had let it slip so far!!!

  5. Ja well (cough)

    I got banned from a pub 2 years ago for fighting and it wasn’t even my fault!

    Oh, I was also suspended for 3 months from a sports club about 6 years ago for hitting somebody (I claimed self defense and still do!)

    But I’ve never been thrown out of a place for complaining about the food!

  6. Husband’s already seen to Tripadvisor, jhl. I wish now I had been dancing on tables or singing. Being ejected by a landlady passionately defending her chips seems infra dig.

  7. I have never been banned from a pub, so feel a little bit in a minority group here. 🙂

    Also I have danced on tables and refused to pay for bad meals in the past. I guess that just goes to show the type of pubs that I have frequented in my younger years.

  8. Gazoopi, it’s when you have settled up for your meal in advance that you have a problem?

    Christopher, we too were nearly requested to leave a museum in Thessaloniki when younger son lay down on the floor next to the skeleton reckoned to be of Philip of Macedon to show what a little guy he’d been.

  9. Well I’m very glad to see we have nearly all made this rite of passage!
    Even if some of us left it rather late.

  10. Sheona: I was nearly thrown out after getting into a pitched argument with a member of the staff. He was a Pakistani with a chip or two on each shoulder who began screaming at and insulting an elderly gentleman who was hard of hearing and had poor eye-sight because he was a little bit too close to a painting. I told him off, something which he didn’t like. The entire room could observe what was going on.

  11. Sorry I’m late, Miss. Spent the last week in olde Englande with nine grandchildren updating my screen skills. Very successful. I can now compete with the 6 month- and 6-year-olds.

    Mrs J and I were thrown out of a hotel about 20 years ago. South Devon, attractive rural location, pleasant rooms but….we spotted the proprietor lurking outside our window as soon as we checked in. When we returned to the reception to book a table for dinner he advised us rudely that this was a no smoking hotel and we should leave immediately. We did, advising him he would not profit from his behaviour (or words to that effect!). I immediately informed my credit card company that we had been misinformed before we prepaid and received a full refund. I had the impression we weren’t the first to complain. (Since Mrs J is a smoker we always check the small print to make sure she can.)

  12. Hi Janus, I fly also to old blighty today and will see my grandchildren. Sadly though the main reason for the sudden trip is that my old Dad (89) has been taken into hospital 😦

    I will try not to get thrown out of any hospitals or pubs

  13. Gaz, if you can rein in your aggression at the bar, I recommend Wetherspoons for an excellent choice of ‘pints’.

    Sorry to read about your Dad.

  14. Sheona, I have to say that I would have been more impressed if you had been thrown out for singing Eskimo Nell at the top of your voice, but I think it is about time everyone from the UK started complaining more. It has a salutary effect. 🙂

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