4 thoughts on “Look Up”

  1. Not the best poem, nor the best delivery, but a superb sentiment craftily encapsulated into five absorbing minutes. Give the guy a pat on the back and a putty medal! 😀

  2. Well said Bearsy, my thoughts exactly.

    It’s had over 36 million views in the short time that it’s been posted (3 weeks!)

  3. Last year I spent a few days with a friend in Edinburgh – I do it every time I’m in the UK – we’ve known each other since we were 13.

    On the last day I threw a wobbly – and told her switch off her *** mobile. She had spent the whole time answering the damn thing, phoning people, texting and writing e-mails.

    She said she was still listening to me and it was acceptable behaviour in the UK – not with me I said. We are still friends – but if it happens again this year I will be on the train back to England double quick!

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