Never too young

I spent yesterday setting up my dear 92 year old Aunt with an internet connection and a Samsung tablet, especially adapted by Help The Aged to be easy to use for those of a certain age and experience.

I expect she will be soon be regarding her younger brother, who has been online for a few years now,, my 88 year old uncle, as a young computer whizz kid. Anyway, I am glad she has the connection as the system has a very easy to use Email and Skype system, and she can keep in touch with her slightly dotted about family. I have the pleasure of being able to maintain it for her. Anyways, I take my hat of the the game old bird, who has always been ready to try something new!

5 thoughts on “Never too young”

  1. There is a huge difference between peoples attitudes to the new technologies. I couldn’t even persuade my parents to move away from the old style telephone.w

  2. Personally, I don’t like using Skype. Maybe I would if the family lived down under and visits became more difficult.

  3. Actually, Janus, I prefer Google Hangouts, but not all of her friends and family are on Google.

  4. I find skype has a hideous echo, I won’t use it. We are lucky having a tremendous deal in being able to phone the UK for $5/month unlimited hours! A good thing too as lots of my friends wouldn’t own a computer if they were free, falls under the classification of ‘instruments of the devil!’
    I have one friend who cannot get a copy of the Racing Post in the flesh without emerging from his farm, so he bought a computer had a guy set it up so he only had to press a couple of buttons and hey presto the Racing Post appeared. It has never been used for anything else, beyond, quite beyond, when I suggested such it was treated as a heretical suggestion akin to incest! He had never heard of email!

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