Spot Soutie

Click for (slightly) bigger pic

So there I was yesterday, watching our sports news channel when a small clip on the 2013 performance of my Southern Kings appeared, as the camera panned the crowd after we conceded a try, I thought to myself “hey, that’s where I sit!”

So I rewound the programme (aren’t these new satellite receivers marvelous) and sure enough there I was!

Certainly a pic for my scrapbook.

(sorry about the flash, no, the chap in the foreground isn’t holding a torch, but .. well I’m sure that you understand)

Oh, Jaques Kallis retired from first class and test cricket yesterday, I’ve got his career stats on my pic, neat 🙂 )

6 thoughts on “Spot Soutie”

  1. Môre almal

    Ha ha Jay, close but no cigar, I was tempted to offer a prize, you know, perhaps a slice of Christmas’ leftover turkey on a roll of your choice 🙂

    I’m the one right above the tunnel in the black and white cap wearing an Eastern Province black and red (hoops) shirt!

    Morning Dan, for a fledgling (once off) super rugby outfit gathered at short notice the performances of my Kings was nothing short of Herculean, the performance of the administrators and officials is what was wanting.

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