F.W., Mandela and me

Surprisingly I didn’t find too may pictures of myself when paging through my various archives, I suppose that that’s the joy of having children, one always wants to be on the lookout to capture them, here I am, all 6’7″ of me, with my reading specs that do indeed string around my neck (well done Val)

I'm the one in the middle

Val suggested, Soutie: 5ft 11″, stocky build, balding, but was a fair head. Smart dresser of the casual type, but never wears jeans. but always wears leather brogues. Has reading glasses hanging round his neck, and may even carry a man’s bag, or similar over his shoulder.

Since I became self employed always jeans and open neck shirt with collar. Only leather shoes (black) and never ever, ever a ‘man bag’ (God gave me pockets, I use them, I don’t even own a wallet!)

Still got all my hair and the beard you see is normally a heck of a lot neater than here, I was after all on holiday!

16 thoughts on “F.W., Mandela and me”

  1. Wow… nothing like my expectations… but don’t ask me what I had expected as I don’t know 🙂

  2. 6′ 7″, FFS! Whats the weather like up there? What a fantastic pic. How tall is Mandela?

  3. Hee hee, I got the skillet in Belfast (I’m sure that’s what they call their tweed caps) never wear it here, it’s too hot.

  4. Chris, I have the utmost respect for the pair of them, where we were wasn’t an option. Hey, it’s nowhere near perfect now but we’re working on it 😉

  5. Howzit Pseu, I remember this one 🙂

    Our lead news item today was that Mandela voted this morning, our elections are only on Wednesday but the old and infirm qualify for special early voting, he’s now 92!

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