Another wonderful idea for the New Year

The latest wheeze from the Glorious Peoples’ Labour party is that the Thomas the Tank Engine books should conform to “progressive ideaology”


Presumably this crazy woman will also call for even more diversity in the stories such as “Gordon the Gay Engine” and “Lizzie the Lesbian Engine” etc.. Why can’t these interfering busy bodies leave anything alone?

Ok, I am in a bad mood because the boiler has just packed up and we have a house full of Christmas guests, but things like this just make me so mad!

11 thoughts on “Another wonderful idea for the New Year”

  1. I’m surprised she hasn’t called for it’s abolition, it was written as a blatantly politically motivated piece by the pro-smoking lobby, wasn’t it?:)

  2. Look, let’s be honest about this for once – technology and bumps in your jumper is a recipe for disaster. Most girlies can’t even park a car in a straight line let alone put oil in it occasionally so how can they be expected to drive a train? The silly cow shadow transport secretary should learn her place and get back to the kitchen where she belongs, presuming she’s at least capable of boiling an egg. Harrumph! ๐Ÿ˜€


  3. Now then Oz, any one who can knit an Arran can master any technology they want, IF they want!
    Personally I have always abjured from domestic technology of any kind whatsoever to give the other half, SOMETHING TO DO!
    i HAVE A GROSS OBJECTION to doing more than my fair share, keep the bastards busy, keeps them off the streets and out of mischief!!!

    Just love #1!
    Haven’t these fucking politicians got anything of any use to do except cause aggravation? Where is Guy Fawkes/ the IRA/ muslin nutters when you need them?

  4. Pseu – Yebbut, nobbut, yebbut, you are primarily a nursey type and a girlie to boot and I have to be very careful here as the NSW (who is both too) is looking over my shoulder. I am sure nursies and girlies are very good at parking.


    Psst!. She couldn’t park a bike. Owwwww!

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