The day the alien saw a wedding

In the distance
Church bells
Church bells ringing
“It’s a wedding” said Magellan
“What’s a wedding? asked Marvin
“It‘s when a man and a woman join together on holy matrimony”
“But it’s two men. What is all this baloney?”

Ferdy pulled out his telescope from his hip
And sure enough, it was a civil partnership
Hoping the tourist wouldn’t object
He changed the subject

“I’ve got Straits named after me” said Magellan
“Marvin is not gay” said Marvin
“I didn’t say you were”
“You’re bumping your gums about how straight you are.”

And then the Limo with the happy couple passed
Beer cans were jingling from its bumper
The bride or the groom, who knows? Blew Marvin a kiss
The alien bit his lip and didn’t lose his temper

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