15 minutes with Backside, 2

British politics has had its pantomime villains down the years but nobody, I submit, as deliciously villainous as Burlesquoni, the Abanazar of the year-round theatre that is Italian life! I mean, we’ve all booed at Prezza and whistled at Archer but their misdemeanours pale in comparison to Baron Bunga-bunga.

Even now – when he’ll have to do community service – he might still qualify for public office! Imagine the scene: a PM giving singing and dancing lessons for free to disadvantaged immigrants from North Africa.

Grazie, Silvio!

Author: Janus

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7 thoughts on “15 minutes with Backside, 2”

  1. Can you honestly expect to see Silvio in a high-viz jacket sweeping the Milanese gutters or dishing out gruel in an old peoples’ home. I think not.


  2. Some of my Italian friends get quite defensive about Il Cavaliere, pointing out that, by hook or by crook, he gave Italy a democratically elected stable government for years.

  3. I’d rather have Baron bunga bunga than that bloody creep in Downing Street who appears to have far more concerns for queers than any other hapless denizen of the UK.

    At least the old goat knows the right orifice!!!
    I’d vote for him strictly for the entertainment since when have the bloody conservative shower ever given any of us a laugh?

  4. PS After all, we get sod all else for our taxes, one might just expect a modicum of free entertainment!

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