Fortune cookies aren’t Chinese

The films aren’t as good as the comics: well known saying.

After waiting a few weeks to let the vast crowds of True Believers die down I watched the latest Marvel blockbuster to hit the big screen, Iron Man 3, with a sprinkling of TB’s. Recently, superhero films have not made much of an impression on me. Poor characterisation, not so good special effects and less than subtle plots that have no sense of any impending danger. In short, they’ve been terrible to watch. Dull, a word I very rarely use. IM 3 is a return to form for the brand.

This film is a delight even for non-fans of the genre. It has a cracking story with unexpected villains that aren‘t all they seem to be. No spoilers from me but there are lots of twists in the tale. There are many exciting moments that bring back fond memories of the gripping ends of the Flash Gordon serials of olde. (I didn’t see the original performances but saw re-runs on the TV when I was young. Honest ). There’s the most beautiful woman in the world, allegedly, Gwyneth Paltrow, if you like that sort of thing. Naturally, there’s the obligatory Stan Lee cameo.

And then there’s the humour. The Iron Man franchise has always had a plethora of one-liners in its armoury. In it’s third outing it ups the ante. One visual gag in particular concerning a Iron Man duplicate is very amusing. Robert Downey Jr. is again, terrific in his role as the man in the tin suit. He gets the best lines. And doesn’t he deliver them well.

As a Marvel man, born and bred, I’m pleased with this movie. Yes, it’s just a yarn at the end of the day. Yes, you must suspend belief when you enter the citadel and go with the flow. Yes, the popcorn and Coke is as dear as caviar. For all that, it’s good entertainment. Still, as the well known saying goes…

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