Kings v Waratahs

My programme

Have I mentioned how much I’m enjoying this year’s Super Rugby season?

As mentioned elsewhere, it was the turn of the New South Wales Waratahs to visit our shores. Our Kings have had a good record against Australian teams this year, in fact all 15 of our log points have come against Aussie opposition. (Wins against the Perth based Western Force and Melbourne Rebels and of course that last gasp draw against The ACT Brumbies)

Hopes were high, well mine were, for all of 30 seconds that is, for that is just how long it took for this Aussie outfit to score their first try!

After that? Believe it or not it got worse, they ran in try after try and for all of the first half consistently had more points on the board than minutes passed! Men against boys I kept thinking, it was really really difficult to watch. As a life long Eastern Province supporter (a team who’ve never won any top flight competition) I’m sort of used to losing, this wasn’t just ‘losing’ this was ‘annihilation!’

It wasn’t all doom and gloom, our new darling of Sergeal Petersen got us out of our seats with a brilliant try just before half time, but I’m afraid that was all my Kings had to offer.

The second half continued much as the first, my Kings eventually losing 72 – 10.

My ticket

The crowds are dwindling, this was our 5th home game of the campaign and our stadium was perhaps only a third full.

My seat

Another great night out, international rugby right on my doorstep (this Waratahs side is packed with current and future Wallabies, I’m sure many will feature against the British Lions next month.) It’s the Otago Highlanders (all the way from New Zealand) next week, I’ve tickets for that, here’s hoping my Kings can bounce back.

7 thoughts on “Kings v Waratahs”

  1. A great competition every year! The Kings have done well all things considered, as have the Cheetahs.
    Beware the sleeping giant, the Crusaders. The’re getting better every week.
    Good luck against the Highlanders, although they have just won their first game of the competition against another SA team!

  2. Howzit Cuprum

    You’re right, the Kings have made the others sit up and take notice. we were expected to be the whipping boys and (certainly among some S.A. fans ) not worthy of a spot in the big league.

    My target for this season is for the Kings to equal (or better) the log points garnered by last seasons bottom S.A. side, that’ll be 25, we’re currently on 15 points

  3. Morning Sheona

    Yes, we’re quite unfamiliar with victory parades of any sort through our streets!

    Thank you for the good wishes, we’re feeling slightly confident about this next match, but then again ….

  4. sheona :

    As a Scot, I know how you feel, Soutie. Better luck next week.

    Bloody luxury, Sheona, Try being a Scot and a Sharks supporter.

    Good evening,by the way, and, for the avoidance of doubt, I hope that Aberdeen beats Dundee in the forthcoming UK City of Culture 2017 stakes so far as the Jock entrants are concerned. The only culture that has ever been seen in Dundee was in a Petri dish. In my opinion. More fulmination on the many and manifest inadequacies of the festering slum which has polluted the estuary of the silvery Tay for far too long once I recover from reading of their presumption.

    Moving on, good evening Soutie.

    Have I mentioned how much I am not enjoying this year’s Super Rugby season? An injury list a mile long but that is no excuse for us not having been very good in too many games so far. Things will probably get better because that’s what the Sharks do but we should have beaten the Highlanders.

    I hope you do.

  5. Ha ha, good morning JM

    Reading your comment it suddenly dawned on me that those who keep telling us that “it is tough at the top” obviously spend very little time at the bottom.
    … 😉 …

  6. JM, I’ve always felt that Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s Duncairn was based on Dundee, despite his disclaimers. It was such a nasty place.

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