An effigy

Who’ll sit atop your bonfire this eve?
The current trend would you believe
Is someone famous, an effigy
A simple guy is, oh so passé

Celebrities and politicians
Royalty or sports officials
Dead or alive, it matters not
Light the fire, with them on top

But who to choose I hear you ask
Its really not an onerous task
A kiddie fiddler ought to do
Jimmy Saville or one of the other two

11 thoughts on “An effigy”

  1. Soutie: Thanks. But for accuracy’s sake I would suggest the last two lines should read

    A kiddie fiddler ought to do fine
    Jimmy Saville or one of the other two hundred and ninety nine.

  2. This year, the Edenbridge Bonfire Society burned am effigy of Lance Armstrong, the cycling cheat. They were contemplating burning Jimmy Savile or George Osborne but thought the former might upset some kids (although I do not know why) and no-one would recognise the latter!

    In the past, they have given the honour to Cherie Blair and Gordon Brown and other so-called luminaries!.

  3. The PoW admitted today he’s a few bangers short of a barbie so it’s no good proposing him. 😦

  4. Frankly, the worry is that the only victims of these bonfires are hedgehogs and terrified pets, horses and etc.

    Good pome, by the way, Soutie. 🙂

  5. Good morning all, thank you for the ‘likes’ and comments 🙂

    LW, by way of explanation my ‘other two’ refers to the 2 members of the Top of the Pops ring interviewed by the police. You are of course quite right there probably are more, many more.

    Feeg, yes! It was the news of those chaps burning Lance Armstrong that gave me the idea.

    Sheona my original w.i.p. had all sorts of names included, I had Armstrong the doping cheat, Saville, Starr and Glitter, Blair, Clarkson, that foul mouthed Gorden Ramsey and even a few All Blacks 😉

    It was getting too long and cumbersome, I wanted a start, middle and end so edited it down to this.

    You (and other cherished colleagues) are of course welcome to add a verse or two 😉

    Janus, a few chops short of a braai!

    Ara, thank you. I’m sure that the wildlife will survive, they’ve managed these past hundreds of years and I’m sure that they’ll manage in the future, it’s not as though they’re endangered, domestic animals, horses, dogs etc. should be suitably cared for (locked away?) by their owners, I certainly wouldn’t be in favour of spoiling peoples fun because of a few ‘traumatised’ animals. By the way, we don’t do bonfires down here nor fireworks on the 5th.

  6. The only ones I’d like to burn
    Are all those who want to turn
    A life of fun, joy and tricks
    To utter boredom – without a risk.

    As you can see I’m no poet!

  7. Howzit Boa

    Great sentiments and I like the verse, I’ve already changed your first line (in my head of course!) to …

    Some others that I’d like to burn

    Lets face it the list must be endless 🙂

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